Needing eyes on what’s on the horizon for TFT in 10.19? Look no further. Here’s an awesome cheat sheet the Riot team have put together, and below, there’s also some amazing Set 4 artwork.

Lastly, here’s all the details on Fates’ battle pass that’s set to arrive in the next few days. Full notes here.

Teamfight Tactics: Fates is coming soon, and it wouldn’t be complete without a whole bunch of new ways to show off your style. Get ready for a new series of dragon-themed Little Legends, Ionia-themed arenas that react to your board state, and rip-roaring new booms. Last but not least, we’re formally introducing the Star Shards system as an alternate way to level-up your Little Legends. So, let’s dive in!

Starting with Fates, you’ll be able to level up your Little Legends by purchasing Star Shards. If you’re looking for the 3-star version of your favorite Little Legend, this’ll be the way to do it. If you’re just looking to broaden your collection, eggs will still be your best bet.

Here’s how they work:

Getting Star Shards

Star Shards will be available in the store and through the Fates Pass+. You’ll get a total of 300 Star Shards from the pass. Star Shards will be available for purchase in bundles starting from 625 RP. This base bundle will have enough to star-up most Little Legends once. We’ll also have larger bundles with bonus Star Shards if you really want to grow your collection. We’re still looking at adding other ways to purchase or acquire Star Shards, but those will be coming in future updates.

Using Star Shards

After acquiring some Star Shards, head on over to the loadouts selector where you’d typically pick your Little Legend. If you select a Little Legend that’s eligible for an upgrade, just click it and the poros that run the backend of the store will handle the rest. Note that all upgrades are non-refundable, so make sure you spend wisely!

It’ll take 100 Star Shards to upgrade Rare Little Legends (like Pengu Featherknight) and Pass+ Little Legends (like the Astronaut Molediver and Star Guardian Silverwing) for the 2-Star to 3-Star upgrade only, 125 Star Shards to upgrade Epic Little Legends (like Extra Spicy Featherknight), and 150 Star Shards to upgrade Legendary Little Legends (like Ravenlord Featherknight).

Other Notes

There are a few Little Legends that won’t work with Star Shards since they don’t have additional tiers:

    • Victorious Little Legends
    • UFO, Star Guardian, and Jade Emperor Sprites
    • There may be other Little Legends in the future that will fall into this category, but we’ll let you know if you can’t use Star Shards for them

Outside of those restrictions, the only requirement for using Star Shards is that you already own the 1-star version of the Little Legend.


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