If you’re like John and I, you’ve probably been playing a lot of Legends of Runeterra. Firstly, it’s amazing. A learning curve less steep than Magic the Gathering, but a style of play far more involved and entertaining than Hearthstone. We absolutely love it, and as it’s in Beta, we wanted to provide some feedback of our time with the game.

Allow “Copy” and “Inspect” Opposition Decks After A Match

Inspecting a deck provides only the simplest of information.

For new players starting out in Legends of Runterra, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to decks, how to build them, what’s good and what’s not. When you play against a deck you think looks fun, or which has a playstyle you’d never thought of before, you can’t inspect them. As far as I can tell, you also can’t add them as a friend or message them to even enquire what they’re running.

Having the ability to inspect opposition decks allows players to learn the skills needed in order to build their own, but also figure out counters and playstyle preferences.

Let Us Move Our Cards In Hand

It might be a small thing, but at the moment, cards are automatically placed into your hand in the order they’re drawn. I don’t always want that to be the case, whether it’s changing my hand to have cheapest to most expensive, or even to just move them where I want – so that, strategically – I know what I’m pairing or playing. As one example, and as someone who mostly plays Shadow Isles, with so many Ephemeral followers, and interactions, being able to move cards together in a way that I want would be great. Providing us with the freedom to move our cards, or at a minimum, placing them in cost order would be welcome.

Give Us A Heads Up On Phase Progress

If there’s one thing that LoR doesn’t do amazingly well, it’s being informed of what phase you’re actually in. As players bounce turns back and forth, it’s easy to lose track of how many turns are left, and what the next turn is about to be. This is sometimes made worse for Ephemeral decks, when you need to perfectly time their use. Multiple times I’ve seen players play these followers, only to have them vanish because the phase has effectively ended. It’s confusing for new players, and even as someone who has already sunk dozens of hours into the game, it needs tweaking. Just allow us to hover over the action button to see what’s coming up, and where we are in the phase cycle.

Allow Players To Sort Cards Alphabetically


When building decks in Legends of Runterra, the filters only range from Region to Rarity or Cost. This can be frustrating when you’re specifically looking for a certain follower. It’s also frustrating that when building a deck, and you’re looking for something specific in your list, that it’s in mana cost order, not alphabetical. This can make searching a little frustrating when you know the card name that you’ve just added and want to swap out. It’s time consuming, and while I get it, the option would be great.

Add A Graveyard

I’m not too fussed where you put it, but the game desperately needs one. The amount of on-death effects that are in the game, combined with the use of bringing the dead back into play, means that you really need to track what’s there. It’s worse for Shadow Isle players, but still fairly bothersome even if you play other Regions. Ideally, all they need to add is a little tombstone on the board somewhere, and when you hover over it, it displays all the dead.

Have you got any suggestions on how Legends of Runeterra could improve? Let us know!



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