All the major jungle changes coming to season 10 look set to shake things up. Season 9 has ended, the new season right around the corner, and as always, there’ll be plenty of adjustments.

So what do those changes involve in update 9.23?

All The Major Jungle Changes Coming To Season 10


First up, Dragons. The third will now drastically change the location of the jungle around it.

  • Cloud Rift: Creates air currents that grant movement speed in the pit, and jungle.
  • Infernal Rift: It’ll remove pathways, brush, and generally open up sight lines.
  • Mountainous Rift: New rock placements, resulting in more choke points.
  • Ocean Rift: Expands brush, Honeyfruit sprouts in each quadrant.

In addition to the geographical changes (which will run well on any computer, by all accounts) buffs have also been realigned so they’re about equal:

  • Cloud Drake provides a 10% CDR on your Ultimate.
  • Infernal Drake sees its buff reduced in potency.
  • Ocean Drake allows you to regenerate a % of your health when in or out of combat (5%)
  • Mountain Drake provides bonus magic resistance and armor (8%)

Alongside the above, there’s now Dragon Shards. After slaying the 4th Dragon, everyone on the team gains a Dragon Shard. Each Dragon provides a unique thematic shard.

  • Cloud Soul: 10% passive movement speed, and a burst of speed on Ultimate use.
  • Elder Soul: Changed to an Execute that activates when enemies fall below a certain % of health.
  • Inferal Soul: Small AOE explosion on next attack or spell (scales).
  • Oceon Soul: Dealing damage provides health and resource regeneration.
  • Mountain Soul: After not taking damage for 5 seconds, gain a shield (scales).


There’s a few changes here, with notable adjustments to overall timers as well as Krugs and Gromp. Each has been balanced out so the former less XP, and the latter a little more. Effectively, this ensures farming both sides of the map has merit.

Even with the XP of Jungle creatures being lowered, they’ll respawn quicker (120s versus the previous, 150s).

It’s suggested that this’ll make Champions such as Olaf, Karthus and Kayn even stronger, largely because the “blue” side of the map can now be considered optimal for them. If you also considered the alcoves added to the top and bottom lanes, there’s far greater variety for ganks.

Besides the above, Kha’zim and Poppy should all see value in this new Jungle, while the likes of Nunu and Nocturne – who are already fantastic – should continue to excel.

What will you have to do differently?

The main focus is simply on prioritising the Drake’s and how many your opponents have killed. In addition, if you also factor in the Rift Herald spawning at 8 minutes, while respawning 6 minutes later (when she dies).

Needless to say, and based on these changes, as a team you’ll need to establish which is worth the trade (Drake or Rift Herald) and most importantly, when. ProGuides has a brilliant analysis on this.

What do you think of the jungle changes coming to Season 10 of LOL?





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