The worst kept secret in League of Legends is finally revealed, with full details now out in the wild. Here’s what you might have missed from the Twittersphere.

First up, is an amazing film covering Yasuo and Yone, and their fractured relationship. Directed by Haolin, I’d have to say it has a pretty awesome art style, and perfectly captures the new Champion.

Next on the list, is some stunning Yone art from LOLPAJA (as pictured above).

After that, it’s a video by RedMercy showcasing the Ultimate interactions between Yasuo and Yone. Let’s just say, both need banning permanently if playing together.

On the back of that, here’s some of the final animations from Riot’s Lindsay Ruiz.

If that wasn’t neat enough, it turns out Yone’s instrument actually pairs up with Yasuo’s, so you can both make sweet music together.

And of course, if you haven’t seen, here’s a quick Spotlight.



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