There’s a new Expeditions patch preview over on the official website. It in, the Legends of Runeterra team provide detail there’s a new Expeditions mode, over 40 card updates, and a bucket load of technical improvements.


Expeditions are a new game mode in Legends of Runeterra that are set to test new and experienced players with a completely different way of playing.

Unlike in the typical game mode where you’ve an existing deck, Expeditions will see players create decks on the fly. When you’re battling and creating decks, it’s a case of seeing just how far you can go. The longer you play, and the further on your journey you get, the tougher the challenge becomes.

Unlike other modes, in Expeditions you don’t use any of the cards from your collection. Instead, you build a deck as you go with a series of picks and trades.

Every pick offers a different, random combination of champions, units, and spells. The cards in each pick are bundled together based on deck archetypes: You might select Disruption to add stuns and recalls to your arsenal, or Scrapheap for ways to cycle through your cards in search of the perfect play. There are over 20 archetypes to pick from, but over time you’ll create a strategy that’s entirely your own.

It’s a mode that reminds me of Artifact’s Gauntlet, and it has to be said, one that massively appeals to me.

In the FAQ, details are also provided on how players can continue play through 7 matches in total, or defeat if they eventually lose 3. Reaching 6 wins places you in sudden death, where the next match is the decider.

Expeditions Patch Preview

Lastly on the subject of Expeditions, it seems Riot are differentiating it from other “draft” modes by the following:

  • Embark once, play twice. With two trials in every Expedition, you’re essentially playing two drafts every time. You can use it as a second chance after a bust, or an opportunity to build something crazy before try-harding your way to seven wins.
  • Less stress losses. In a traditional draft, an early loss puts a crazy amount of pressure on you to not screw up. By changing it so a given trial ends after two consecutive losses, there’s a lot less stress and much more of a chance to continue on to victory.
  • Strategic support. In other draft modes, the cards you get are completely arbitrary, which means you could work toward a cool strategy early, but then get no good options for it later. In Expeditions, the cards you encounter are still random, but if you start drafting a certain strategy early, you’re guaranteed to come across at least some options for it later as well. You’ll never know which cards you’ll get, but you’ll never be totally out of luck either.
  • Accessible & competitive. While we’ve made changes to make our version of drafting more accessible, it’s still a challenge for those that want to compete. Sudden death means seven wins is a real accomplishment (less than 10% of players will succeed).

Patch Notes

So, what’s happening with card changes in the new expeditions patch? Well, the main point Riot have made is that this many card changes won’t be a common occurence. They also want to utilise card changes as a means of keeping the game and its meta, fresh. This philiosphy extends to:

  • Every champion should have a deck where they’re the best fit.
  • Non-champion cards should have at least one deck where they’re a good option.
  • Regions should have at least one competitively viable deck.
  • The meta should support the widest possible array of competitively viable decks.

Lastly, they stress that card changes only happen for a reason: not just for the sake of it.

In terms of changes, it’s fairly sweeping and sees many cards have increased costs, or utility. It’s a list that’s just too great to cover here. Head over and have a gander at the new expeditions patch.


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