Best Draven Deck (Legends of Runterra). In this guide, we present the best Draven deck that’s “meta”. There are lots of decks for every Champion, but many won’t allow you to climb the ranked ladder easily. The deck below is not only great for climbing ranked, but fun to play and filled with flexibility.

Draven Discard



  • This best Draven deck has outrageous early pressure
  • Massive Nexus poke
  • Can go toe-to-toe with most decks through early aggro
  • Finishes out matches incredibly quickly
  • Selection of Spells to hit Followers or the Nexus


  • Any amount of opposing aggro (such as a heavy spider deck) can slow you instantly
  • Deny shuts you don’t pretty much straight away
  • Sustain builds/life steal decks counter your early rush
  • A bad first hand/mulligan seriously hurts

This revolves around massive early rush. It’s pretty much a typical Noxus/Piltover & Zaun deck, with the exception that a few fringe cards are removed to squeeze Draven in.

It’s all about cheap cards in this best Draven deck, and battering the opposition as soon as you can. Mulligan early for cards with a 1 mana cost, and rush your opponent down. Using Draven’s Quick Attack to clear tougher Followers, while using Spinning Axe to bolster the Draven damage further, can see you quickly bombard opponents.

I will say that this deck isn’t perfect, and does fall short if your early rush is delayed. Ionia decks that stun are a tough challenge, and Freljord who can repeatedly Frostbite your Followers are also difficult. That said, in most instances you’ll comfortably climb against the majority of decks. Simply put, this deck is often too quick for mid to late mana hands to handle, and by the time your opposition does come online, it’s well and truly over.

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