Best Elise Deck (Legends of Runterra). In this guide, we present the best Elise deck that’s “meta”. There are lots of decks for every Champion, but many won’t allow you to climb the ranked ladder easily. The deck below is not only great for climbing ranked, but fun to play and filled with flexibility.

Corina Control

Best Elise Deck



  • Early rush pressure through Spiders
  • Fairly sticky due to Spiders body-blocking, and an array of Spells to clear
  • Lots of options in this best Elise deck to control a match, primarily through Spells
  • Some sustain through Grasp of the Undying and Withering Wail
  • End-game power-house thanks to Ledros and Corina


  • Struggles against some aggro decks (Draven Discard) without key early cards. If your spiders get repeatedly wiped, you’re in trouble
  • Has to wrap-up a match fairly quickly, especially against some late-game decks (Deep)
  • Relies heavily on Corina to push through some opposing decks
  • Super vulnerable to Deny (Ionia decks)

Corina Control is currently the go-to deck for Elise players. It is, without doubt, the best Elise deck in Legends of Runterra.

Why it’s so potent largely revolves around the fact it’s simply so flexible. Piltover & Zaun as a region is far too strong: too many spells that are too powerful, and too cheap. Combine this with the rush/aggro potential of Shadow Isle, and specifically Elise, and it’s a recipe for disaster (in a good way).

Unless you’re running an Ionia deck, or variant on one – with access to Deny – you’re going to be in for a rough time against this deck. Not only will your opponents have to clear your board early, and constantly, but they’ll also have to gain card advantage on the board, when you’re repeatedly clearing their Followers.  There’s a reason why this deck is considered the – it has few counters.

It’s incredibly frustrating to be on the receiving end of this deck, especially when it bombards your Followers right from the very start. If you also consider it’s capable of wrapping up any match the moment Corina or Ledros come into play, there’s few ways to shut this best Elise deck.

If this deck does have any weaknesses, it really does struggle to gain traction against another Piltover & Zaun deck, especially one using Karma. Simply put, they’ll bombard you, and clear your board just as quick as you can, the exception being, they’ll Deny key Spells you want to unleash.

Fundamentally, played correctly this deck can beat any other. Sometimes it needs a little bit of luck versus Karma/Ionia decks, but even if you lose against those, you’ll still win way more against every other: there’s no stopping this best Elise deck.

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