Best Ezreal Deck (Legends of Runterra). In this guide, we present the best Ezreal deck that’s “meta”. There are lots of decks for every Champion, but many won’t allow you to climb the ranked ladder easily. The deck below is not only great for climbing ranked, but fun to play and filled with flexibility.

Ezreal Karma

Best Ezreal Deck



  • This best Ezreal deck has massive Spell pressure
  • Karma and Ezreal synergize incredibly well
  • Lots of options to clear and frustrate opposing decks
  • Valuable use of Deny
  • Karma is terrifying if she levels up, and you’ve no board clear


  • Can struggle against heavy, early aggro (such as Discard Aggro from Noxus)
  • Relies on Deny to keep Karma alive
  • No real means of board wipe against a Deep deck
  • Fighting another Piltover & Zaun deck needs a bit of luck in our best Ezreal deck.

Ezreal Karma has been around for a long time. It was one of the first decks that rose to prominence during Legend of Runterra’s closed Beta. It’s still one of the best Ezreal decks.

Part of the reason why it’s so good, is that it uses all the basic principals of Corina Control, with the exception that it brings in Karma (instead of Elise) to make massive use of her Spell duplication. If you also throw in Ezreal, who’s Elusive status can regularly create free Mystic Shots when he lands attacks on the Nexus, it becomes a potent mix.

Most of the time, this deck revolves around frustrating opponents, keeping the board clear, and getting Karma to her Enlightened status. Once you have, and if you’ve still got plenty of Spells in hand, it’s pretty much game-over for any opponent, especially if you’ve a Deny handy.

The deck isn’t completely invulnerable, even if it is ridiculously strong, as it still has weaknesses to opposing Piltover & Zaun decks, kill-shots (when you’re less than 4 mana) as well as board clear (again, when less than 4 mana, without a Deny handy).

Despite these limited limitations, it’s still the best Ezreal deck in the game, and one of the best for all Champions.

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