Best Legends of Runeterra Decks. Decks in Legends of Runterra consist of 40 cards, and despite it being in Open Beta, there are already a handful of powerful, prominent decks. You’ll encounter the below often, and although you should expect that these decks will change quickly, but for now, they’re the best that you’ll encounter, for a range of budgets and playstyles.

Thanks as always to Dawnstor and his Grand Master status for helping us out, as well as Mobalytics and Runterrafire for their amazing deck tools.

Burn Aggro


A variant on the discard aggro that has been in Legends of Runeterra since, well, forever, Burn Aggro is a little more aggressive, making use of Darius for high pressure.  The principal of its playstyle remains fairly similar, with a rush to punish players as early as possible. An awesome deck, that is ridiculously difficult to beat. One to aim for, and a staple in our best Legends of Runterra decks list.

Corina Control


Undoubtedly one of the strongest decks right now, and one you’ll see often, Corina Control utilises a huge amount of spells, and Corina Veraza. The Piltover & Zaun card allows you to deal 1 damage to all units, based on the amount of cards you obliterate. Considering the vast majority of your deck is made of up of spells, it pretty much ensures a consistent 5 damage across the board, every time Corina is played. Combine this with Elise and Spider rush? Ouch.

Deep Toss Monsters


Created by roninszaky, Deep Toss Monsters is designed to utilise the Deep/Toss mechanics that were newly introduced with Bilgewater. Fundamentally, it’s a late-game deck that thrives on you removing as many cards as you can, as quickly as you can. With plenty of Followers that either Toss cards, heal your Nexus or obliterate the opponent, it has the potential to be very strong. Early rush could limit its potency, but if it makes it to end game? That Maokai and Nautilus are going to hurt: an amazing deck in our our best Legends of Runeterra decks list.

Heimerdinger Control


Similarly to Ezreal, Heimerdinger Control is all about the use of Spells, and buying your time to shut down your opponent at every turn. It’s a popular deck, it’s powerful, and works well against just about anything. It can be tricky to learn, but will carry you far with practice.

Fiora Bannermen


A prominent deck championed by Swim, Midrange Bannermen utilises the powerful Fiora and Garen. Both are exceptional, and while Fiora made her prominence through Barrier decks, she’s no weakling here. It still has Barrier use (Prismatic) but snowballs heavily through its use of Vanguard Bannerman and Cithria the Bold. Each bolsters units, that when combined with Riposte or Primsatic Barrier, can make it incredibly difficult to clear them from the board.



One of the strongest decks right now, and originally designed by alessio1996, it’s definitely a heavy hitter. Able to keep pace with Corina or Aggro (Noxus/Pil) it can punish quickly and ramp early. Lots of utility, stickyness and early push (thanks to Butcher and Black Market Merchant) it does very well in all areas. It also puts most games to bed the moment Riptide Rex and The Dreadway are played. One to watch that’ll grow in popularity the more people unlock Bilgewater cards.

Mageseeker Lux


Probably the only viable Lux deck, and a good start in our LoR Best Decks Tier List, it’s all about control and surviving long enough to maximize the use of Lux and Heimerdinger for board clear and wipes. Needless to say, it’s all about the use of Spells and bombarding opponents as quickly, and as often as possible.

Have another deck you’d like to recommend in our Best Legends of Runeterra Decks list? Let us know.


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