Best Maokai Deck (Legends of Runterra).  In this guide, we present what is currently the best Sea Monsters deck in the “meta”.   This deck is a control deck that uses “Toss” cards to activate “Deep”.  Once you are Deep you overwhelm your opponent with Nautilus and Sea Monsters, both of which gain bonus stats from being under 15 cards. Maokai adds another threat, not only by speeding up your race to Deep, but by destroying the opponent’s deck when he levels up. 

Deep Toss Monsters

Best Maokai Deck



  • Favoured vs nearly all Control decks
  • Strong vs Burn decks
  • Lots of mulligan options
  • Some sustain available versus Aggro decks
  • Most games are over by turn 10, making ladder games relatively quick.
  • Maokai levels up even when he isn’t on deck or in hand.


  • Struggles against decks that play early Champions, as it lacks early Champion removal.
  • Poor against Karma / Lux Control late game.
  • It can be hard to catch up to decks built around Ezreal or Karma as they have a far quicker tempo.

This is a straight-forward deck to play.   A beginner can easily pilot this deck to high Gold without much resistance.   The nuances of the deck make it formidable at higher ranks as you have the flexibility to come back in a game at any point through Maokai and your high power Sea Monsters.

The deck stalls out the game early with chump blockers like Dreg Dredgers, Hired Gun, Hapless Aristocrat, Thorny Toad and Jaull Hunters.  Vile Feast and Deadbloom Wanderer both provide sustain and additional blockers in the early game.

By turns 6-8 you should be able to go Deep.  Once you are Deep the game usually ends quickly.  When played, Devourer of the Depths permanently removes any card with less health than it has (7), including cards with Unyielding Spirit and cards with Last Breath effects that bring them back into play (Like Commander Legros)

You can win without ever playing a Maokai, but this card is the best card in the deck.  A Maokai played early becomes a card tossing machine, driving you to Deep very quickly.  A levelled up Maokai destroys the enemy deck, removing all but the last four cards.

Key Cards:

  • Maokai can be used as a toss engine or a game ending kick to your opponent’s deck.  Against decks without good removal, play him early. If you can’t play him early don’t fret. Maokai levels up whether he is in play or not.  On top of everything else, he generates a Saplings that can chump block.
  • Nautilus is a key synergy as he is not only a force on his own at 13/13 while Deep, but he reduces the costs of all of your Sea Monsters.
  • Dreg Dredgers are must-have cards.  For 1 mana you get a 2/1 that tosses cards and can block.  Amazing value.
  • Devourer of the Depths as mentioned early can lock out a game for you with a well-timed Obliterate.
  • This is a solid deck that anyone can play.  The current meta of Burn decks forces it to take some cards that weaken it versus control, but as the meta changes expect fine-tuning to make this deck even stronger.

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