Best teams to bet on in League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games in the world. With its unique shell-shaded aesthetics and fun gameplay, more players have been tuning in to the esports scene to witness some of the best players to ever play in the live tournaments.

With esports comes the best teams vying against each other for the top spot as the team to beat in the league. Which teams are these, and who should you look out for when speaking of the most talented players in each top team?

Learning who the best teams are can give you a heads up to which ones you can bet on to yield great returns. If you are interested in betting on these teams, then place your bets on eSports to generate great chances of winning in League of Legends. You can also get a Fairground Slots bonus.

FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix has only been established in December 2017, and already they are showing why they are the team to beat in the esports scene. As World Champions in 2019, they have been destroying opponents left and right with Kim ‘Gori’ Tae-woo, Luo ‘jiang’ Bai-Jiang, and Lin ‘Lwx’ Wei-Xiang.

This team has been incredible during the 2019 season by crushing Invictus Gaming during the quarterfinals and semifinals in a best-of-five series. Furthermore, they also defeated G2 in the finals which was a complete sweep.

For bettors, FPX is the team to bet on since their record is full of great accolades and with how young their team is, the potential is huge for them when the future of LoL transpires.


There aren’t a lot of teams that won four World Championships in a row, but somehow T1 did it. Putting fear in their opponents, T1 simply doesn’t stop with their incredible plays and continues to dominate the esports scene.

The biggest reason for their success is the fact that they have arguably the best player in League of Legends: Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok. Obviously, Faker plays the mid role and simply destroys the opposing mid-laner with ease.

It should come as no surprise that T1 are one of the most proficient teams in LoL, and they have a great roster to show for it. All they need to do is execute each play perfectly and feed their mid-laner, Faker, the needed boost of farm to snowball the rest of the game’s minutes.

Bettors are finding T1 an attractive team for their investments, and if you are in any way deciding to bet on a team, T1 should be among your top picks due to their sheer dominance in the league.

G2 Esports

It is paramount for bettors to look at a team’s long history of success in the competitive esports scene. There’s no other way of looking at the teams than their history in major tournaments.

If you want a sure-fire team with great accolades such as qualifying for the European League Championship Series (EU LCS); qualifying for the Worlds 2021; and being granted the title of Kings of Europe, then there’s no question that G2 Esports is the team you need to bet on.

Their combination of brains and synchrony is what makes this team so unique. Executing the right plays is what makes any MOBA team successful, and their near perfect synergy is what makes G2 Esports the pinnacle of esports teams at any game.

As you can see, there are so many teams that you can bet on to get high rewards from your bets. The most surprising part about these three teams is that you are only seeing a small picture out of a multitude of other teams who too can make the list here.

However, these three teams are the best in the game. Once you place your bets on eSports, you’re going to find out why it was a great decision, with these three teams representing your bets.


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