Bitcoin slot in an online casino is a legend game played by millions of players all around the world. The reason for the popularity is simple: anyone can come and hit the jackpot. But how to do it, how to hit the jackpot? Unlike hold’em poker slots are a game based on the machine that you are playing. Any fan of bitcoin slots has a different approach to the game, somebody tries to beat bitcoin slots using certain strategies, others pay attention to the functions offered by the developers. But all players have one thing in common – the desire to learn the real secrets of bitcoin slots that affect the probability of winning. Exactly about these secrets, we will talk today.

I would like to warn all readers. You can win or lose at any slot, regardless of any factors. Even a game with 99% recoil does not guarantee you victory. Therefore, our advice not about how to win, but about how not to lose. Let’s be honest, winnings in bitcoin slots depend just on luck, and no one system, advice, or strategy will make you a guaranteed millionaire.

Bitcoin slots with highest RTP

Okay now let’s move from talks to practical advice, let’s start with the most important. In order to increase your chances of winning, you need to stay in the game as long as possible. Sounds logical, but how to do it? Any bitcoin slot has an RTP (Return to Player) indicator, it shows how much money will return to the player through the game. Some legend bitcoin slots have 99.07%, which means you will get 99% of all bets after the game, and it’s a guarantee.

Bitcoin slots pay-table

The next thing that you should do is studying the pay-table. First of all, by checking the pay-table of a particular bitcoin slot, you will know the difference between high paying and low paying symbols. Trying to clear things up without looking at the pay-table can be very expensive. In the event that you have already looked at the table, but have not yet understood everything, do not be discouraged. You can look at it at any time and compare your winnings and losses.

Bitcoin slots pay lines

The number of pay lines for bitcoin slots can vary from 1 to 1024 and more. Now, to get the highest possible winning potential, you must of course use all active pay lines. Drawing the jackpot also requires activation of all pay lines. Otherwise, you lose your chance of winning. The same is the case with a huge number of new generation bitcoin slots with fixed pay lines. There you will not be able to select their number. You will just play automatically and place bets on everything at once.

Bitcoin slots Variance

The selection of the best bitcoin slots also depends on their “Variance”. This term means that each player will have their own “preferred variance” to play with. Choosing the right volatility can be vital in the process of finding an answer to the question of how to win online slots. In simple terms, slot variance shows how often rewards will be paid in a particular game. The description for most machines indicates the level of volatility, and you can easily notice it.

All slot machines can be divided into the following categories:

  • low variance;
  • with medium-low variance
  • with medium variance;
  • with medium-high variance
  • with high dispersion.

It is only natural if the choice falls on games with low variance. Winnings will come in often and in small amounts. But this does not mean that such a bitcoin slot cannot bring big winnings. And vice versa. It is known that slots with high variance reward gamers with large sums of prize money, but from time to time. Keep in mind, though – if you’re playing a high variance bitcoin slot, you should be willing to put in a little patience and a decent bankroll.

Play legend bitcoin slots that suit you and only you, do not follow the advice of other people. If you have a small amount of money at your disposal, it might be worth thinking about low variance games first. And then, when you feel comfortable, start gradually increasing the rate. Choosing the right variance can help you work in the long term. Remember that you can change the games you play by switching between levels of volatility. And it doesn’t depend on the degree of your luck.

Bitcoin slots legends

So, you’ve got your first tips for playing bitcoin slots, but we still have a lot to share with you. As we said at the very beginning, we will analyze several myths about this legend game. So let’s bust 3 myths about online bitcoin slots.

Legend  #1. Easy to win money in online bitcoin slots

This is not true. The statistical return to player (RTP) is usually around 95%, which means you end up losing money. However, you still have a chance to win, and to win a lot. But the most likely outcome is that you will lose money.

Legend #2 Then more you play, then more likely you will win

This is true and we already talked about this before but there is one more point that I would like to note. Each spin is random and does not depend on previous spins. This means that playing for a long time will result in more winning rounds, but no more chances of generating winning rounds. The more spins you play, the more likely you are to get a negative overall result.

Legend  #3 Games get hot and/or cold depending on the payout history of the last hours

This is not the case when it comes to bitcoin slots. However, this is a common superstition that you can read about in the Hot and Cold Games section. Each spin is random and independent of other rounds, which means you have the same chance of winning on every spin.


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