There’s a new LoL story titled Dead in the Water. Written by Graham McNeill, it’s absolutely brilliant. Lengthy, insightful and Bilgewater based, it’s absolutely worth your time. We don’t spoil things here, so here’s just the opening section. Grab a cup of tea, and get out and read it.

It was the stench of Bloodharbor that hit you first.

Like a gut-punch that took the wind right out of your sails.

The stink always got inside you, making you feel like you’d never get it out.

A noisome reek of opened leviathan bellies, dripping entrails you could crawl through, and weeks-old offal sticking to the cobbles like gory mortar left to rot in the sun. Mix that with the shit of ten thousand scavenging seabirds and the piss of the Slaughter Docks’ bloodied workers, and it was a smell strong enough to turn even the strongest stomach inside out.


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