Hearthstone to Legends of RuneterraIf you’re familiar with Blizzard’s card game, and want to make the switch, we’ve put together a comparison guide of Classes to Regions, and how one transitions to the other. This is by no-means entirely reflective of each playstyle in Legends of Runeterra, and the games while having similarities, are very different.

Despite that, comparisons can be made, and below, we’ve laid out each class and what you should be navigating to in LoR, when you make the switch from Hearthstone.

It’s important to note that Hearthstone’s Constructed Mode sees players draft their deck from your class and a selection of neutral cards. Legends of Runeterra works in a similar fashion, but you can choose Champions from two regions (alongside their neutral cards) to build yours.

Druid / Freljord

Hearthstone To Legends of RuneterraDruid and Freljord are  a similar playstyle if you’re moving from Hearthstone to Legends of Runeterra, largely due to the fact Freljord has some monstrous units that are expensive, but also because the Region has access to cards which bump their mana curve.

Hunter / Noxus

Hearthstone To Legends of Runeterra

For Hunter, and similarly to an Aggro Warrior (below), you’ll want to go Noxus. Plenty of early units that are cheap, combined with the ability to hit an opponents Nexus, you can also prevent your opponent from blocking. It’s a Region that’s king of early pressure, that at times feels relentless.

Mage & Shaman / Piltover & Zaun

MagePilZaunNot my favorite playstyle, but then again, I never loved Mage or Shaman in Hearthstone. Piltover & Zaun have some of the strongest spells in the game, and a playstyle that relies heavily on them. Piltover & Zaun can also bolster their units through spell play, allowing them to snowball fairly easily if left unchecked. Combined with dispels, it suits Mage and Shaman players.

Paladin / Demacia

Hearthstone To Legends of RuneterraPaladin and Demacia are comparable playstyles in Legends of Runeterra. Demacia uses a fair amount of units that can be buffed. Not only that, but their late-game units are particularly strong. Combined with Demacia’s Barrier mechanic, Paladin players will feel right at home here.

Priest / Shadow Isles or Freljord

Hearthstone To Legends of Runeterra

Similarly to Warrior, your choice of Region if you’re a Priest player largely depends on your playstyle preference. I’ll stress that out of all the Regions in Legends of Runeterra, few match the Priest perfectly. However, Shadow Isle does have the ability to bring units back from the dead, and Freljord can bolster powerful, high value units to stomp foes.

Rogue / Ionia

Hearthstone To Legends of RuneterraIt’s not entirely to read that Rogue and Ionia go hand in hand. A region made up (mostly) of elusive Champions focused on evasion and miss-direciton. Ionian relies heavily on card effects. Rogue and Ionia also share similarities in that they can return cards back to hand in order to use later.

Warlock / Shadow Isles

WarlockShadowIslandsWarlock and Shadow Isles, are once again a predictable pairing. Not only aesthetically (sort-of), but because of their sacrifice and life-drain mechanics. Shadow Isles has a good selection of Champions (Kalista is great), a board clear, and a fun attrition based playstyle.

Warrior / Noxus or Freljord (Not Both)

Hearthstone To Legends of Runeterra

Warriors have two options of playstyle, depending on which you played in Hearthstone. Noxus are great if you played Aggro Warrior, if you like a particularly aggressive, early hand that ramps damage quickly. In contrast, if you’re after Control Warrior, you’ll want to take Freljord. Freljord has plenty of tanky units, that are hard to kill and when they come online, are incredibly difficult to wipe from the board.


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