How to freeze a lane in League of Legends is incredibly important. Combined with the ability to slow push, it ensures you can control a lane while starving your opponent(s) of experience.

While changes have been made to experience range, so that you can’t be starved entirely, this method is still incredibly important as you climb the ranked ladder. Fundamentally, freezing a lane or slow pushing will grant you a huge advantage over any opponent.

What is freezing a lane?

Freezing a lane is simply holding minions in a specific place, so that you can farm them without pushing them further up or down your lane.

Typically, and when freezing a lane, this is undertaken under your own tower. Not only does this ensure relatively safe farming, but also ensures the enemy opponent has to venture deeper down their lane.

Why freeze a lane?

There’s several reasons:

  • Deny the enemy Champion(s) a larger amount of experience.
  • Farm safely under your own tower.
  • Often leads to your opponent becoming “tilted”, resulting in – often – easy kills against them.
  • Great for your Jungler, as it forces the opponent to venture further down their lane to get last hits and experience.

How do you freeze a lane in League of Legends?

It’s simply a case of mirroring your opponents damage. Whether they’re repeatedly using basic attacks, or only last hitting – even abilities – you simply need to match the damage.

Doing this will result in a lane freeze. Failing to match your opponent’s damage output in any way, will result in them breaking the freeze.

  • If you want to push your wave, dictate the pace by dealing more damage than your opponent (typically through basic attacks).
  • If you want your opponent to push their wave – so that you can freeze it under your tower – don’t match their wave damage output.

How do you hold on to a frozen lane?

Fairly simple, and one that doesn’t require much practice. Firstly, last hit as late as humanly possible. Secondly, try to keep minions that are frozen in lane out of tower range. Having them take shots from your tower will quickly undo all your hard work.

What’s slow pushing?

A slow push is just what it states: having your minions push down a lane slowly, due to some resistance from other enemy minions.

Effectively, it’s simply weighting your lane – or setting it – so that you have more minions than your opponent. This can typically be done just by ensuring you have, say, 6 minions (3 Knights, 3 Mages) versus 1 Knight, and 2 Mages.

Freeze A Lane In League of Legends

An example of lane that has been stacked to “slow push”.

Setting your lane in this way ensures it’ll slow plod towards the enemy, building a steady but heavy force behind it.

Please note: this does not work for Tier 1 towers, only Tier 2.

Why slow push?

It simply buys you time, and can often result in a free tower if your enemy aren’t concentrating. By the time your wave slowly works its way up to the Tier 2 tower, you can be half way across the map supporting your team. In lower leagues, you’ll also find that with lane management being so poor, you’ll often grab an Inhibitor or two, simply because players have such poor map awareness.

Community Video

If you’re after a gem of a video showcasing lane freezing, Phy has a lovely little video below.


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