We’re digging through more amazing artwork, thanks to the incredible Riot community. Today, there’s three more brilliant artists that are working their magic in their own unique styles. Each, it’s fair to say, is amazing and I hope you not only venture onto their Twitter, but go and tell them just how awesome their work is.

First up, it’s @IDAD52937718. His Nidalee comissioned piece is just incredible, and rightly deserves the traction it’s receiving. If you also dive through his work, there’s a stunning Sivir piece. What I love the most about IDAD’s work, is the fact he lifts our Champions out of their typical comfort zone, and transports their look somewhere totally new.

Next on the list, it’s @SailorPoof. It’s simply impossible to not love their toe-bean-Veigar. We’re willing to fight anyone to the death who questions it.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s @Karmama_. To coincide with the launch of Animal Crossing, delivers Karma in an absolutely adorable fashion. Considering Karma is my favorite Champion, they win extra brownie points for it. So good!


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