As always. LoL and TFT have released their respective patches, for 10.8. There’s a considerable amount of stuff here, with the usual array of balance tweaks, skins and more.

Where League is concerned, Aphelios suffers the biggest set of nerfs with a complete rework of his Passive, and a damage reduction across the board. Other winners include Ashe, who gains an attack speed increase, Evelyn a damage increase on her Hate Spike, and Kalista gets a slight tweak to her crowd control.

While there are other Champion changes, there’s significant tweaks to death timers/snowballing;

We’re adjusting the potential teams have to snowball early to make sure that your games don’t go wildly out of control as often and give teams more chances to participate in an even game. Kill experience coupled with Homeguards means that early kills are still very powerful, but they’re not quite as game-ending as before. Shifting the type of kills to solo ones also help give individual agency, which is something we still want to promote, especially since we’re seeing such a heavy skew towards shared kills.

We understand these pacing changes may hurt the jungle more than other roles, but we’re making sure that we put back power into places that make sense for the role. (Read below for more information on that)

Jungle also receives significant tweaks;

Junglers are appropriately influential as a role, but we want to reduce the perception that they have to have an aggressive early presence to be effective. Instead, we’re giving them opportunities for more personal power through proper farming as the game progresses.

We also want to make sure the jungle is accessible to players who can’t kite perfectly or who don’t have proper setups for the cutthroat role, so we’re giving some extra sustain to people who fall critically low in the jungle, helping them stay alive when the going gets rough.

Where TFT is concerned, Dark Star Xerath makes an appearance, while Celestial, Space Pirate and Sorcerer gain some overdue buffs. The TL:DR for both games is below.


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