LoL Jungle Tier List: This Tier List will always display the best Jungle Champions, based on the latest patch (11.2)

Updated: 25 January 2021

LoL Jungle Tier List Methodology

This LoL Jungle Tier List is based on:

  • Personal experience and feedback taken from multiple players, across multiple ranks.
  • Which Champion can comfortably solo Drake’s.
  • Based on a Champions skill floor, and their ease of play (and skill ceiling).
  • The difficulty of a Champion, and their potential in the hands of a highly skilled player.
  • The ability to climb with the Champion, from lower ranks to high, with ease. In effect, these Champions will do the heavy lifting for you.
  • We’ve also colour coded Champion difficulty based on the above factors, using a Traffic Light system. It’s subjective, but should give you a steer (red challenging, orange moderate, green accessible).

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Unranked (New Champion)

Viego Viego is the newest Champion in League of Legends, and one that’s already proving incredibly potent. A little too early to place him in a Tier List yet, but you can expect on our next update to see him head straight to the top unless Riot deal with some of his tuning.

God Tier (First Ban Material)

EliseElise is a challenging Champion, but one that still does exceptionally well. Quick clear, high early gank potential and solid sustain ensures she’s a brilliant pick against most opposition. With a well placed web, she can enable kills even if she isn’t close.


Graves is an amazing draft simply because of his utility and clear speed. He doesn’t sustain hiimself as well as, say, Warwick, but he makes up for this in a valuable Ultimate and some mobility in Quick Draw. I’d argue Graves has a higher skill ceiling than some Junglers, making him a challenging but rewarding Champion to play.

KhazixKha’zix is similar to Warwick, in the sense that his clear versus Dragon’s is amazing, while his ganking potential against other Junglers due to his isolation damage multiplier is incredibly potent. If he invades, and secures a kill – in this meta – he can comfortably snowball.

OlafOlaf is my most played Jungle, and right now, he’s top tier. Quick clear, a good early and mid game, and solid sustain means that in the current meta, he can steadily – but with efficiently – play to the new timers. His gank potential is solid, and built tanky, he’s super tough to bring down.

S Tier (Optimal)

Ekko LOL Jungle Tier ListEkko has always been an excellent jungler, largely thanks to his relatively quick clear, but also his ganking potential. His passive is fantastic, the self-shielding from Parallel Convergence amazing, and his burst from Phase Dive eye-watering if he’s fed. A beast and top of the pack in our LoL Jungle Tier List.

EvelynnEvelynn is a tricky Champion, because pre 6 she’s fairly useless. However, Jungle pace changes combined with the stealth/charm ensures she remains a constant threat that can  lurk mid to bot lane, for those quick ganks. If she even gets a sniff of being fed, she’ll hard carry.

HecarimHecarim is everywhere right now, purely on the basis that his clear is quick, sustain solid, he has ridiculous mobility and a valuable knockback, while his Ultimate ability does very well at dealing high damage in a team-fight, while still causing some crowd control. Definitely one to ban.

Kayn LOL Jungle Tier ListKayn, next to Olaf, is my most played.  The slower Jungle ensures he can reach 6 comfortably without too much early-game stress. It also ensures he can gain most of his key abilities to tide him over for ganking when needed. I’ll also add that he’s pretty good at going toe-to-toe with most enemy Champions early game. Recent buffs see him creep into S Tier due to his improved clear.

Lillia is a relatively new Champion, and is struggling to gain traction. Her competitive performances haven’t been amazing, but there’s definitely potency there. Solid clear, but undoubtedly a little under-tuned. We’re placing her in S Tier because as we expected, shes already beginning to show her potency.

LeeSin LOL Jungle Tier ListLee Sin is popular, and it’s not surprising to see why. His early clear was never amazing, but similarly to Master Yi, the slower Jungle ensures he can hard-farm until 6 and comfortably gank from there. His damage potential is high, and as long as you can reliably land Resonating Strike, he’ll do very well.

Nidalee LOL Jungle Tier ListNidalee is solid, simply because she has more utility than other Junglers thanks to her dual forms. While she’s a good pick, her kit is super Jungle centric: she doesn’t perform amazingly well towards mid and end-game when pushing lanes with your team is key. Still, a solid pick in our LoL Jungle Tier List that can snowball easily.

RammusRammus brings a good slow, mobility, and a super-annoying taunt to ensure enemies can’t simply turn and run from you. Mid to late, he can pretty much guarantee a kill on any squishy champion he snags, while he’s so tanky he’s near impossible to bring down quickly.

RekSaiRek’sai isn’t a Champion you’ll see all the time (like Zac) but there’s no doubt that in the current meta, they remain incredible. I’d argue they have a higher skill ceiling than most, but its sustain and speed through the Jungle does help this update. You’ll get more mileage out of easier Champions (such as Olaf), but she’s damn good in the right hands.

Trundle LOL Jungle Tier ListTrundle is brilliant. With Earth Drake down – and the more walls in the Jungle erected – he is in a brilliant spot. He has heavy reliance on this and Pillar of Ice, but in the right hands, can excel thanks to solid clear and high sustain.

Volibear purely because his damage potential is high, and his mobility thanks to Storm Bringer and Sky Splitter is brilliant. Wen Volibear comes online, he can be pretty unstoppable with the right setup and chews through most Champions with ease. His only downside? Coming up against anything that slows you from range. It instantly neuters all your potency.

Warwick LOL Jungle Tier ListWarwick is a popular pick at the moment thanks to his fast clear, sustain and his ability to comfortably clear Dragon’s solo, without too much worry. His win rate is over 54%, putting him right at the top.

Wukong LOL Jungle Tier ListWukong is long overdue a rework and it’s finally here. Far too improved, more flexible, more aggressive, with a Passive that’s gang-busters for clear. Most folks ban him right now, because his potency in the right hands is undeniable.

Zac LOL Jungle Tier ListZac is great, and while you won’t see him all the time, there’s no doubting his value right now. Solid clear, sustain and utility make him an invaluable Jungler that, in the right hands, has a great deal of potency. Let’s Bounce! brings a particularly high amount of value in a team fight.

A Tier (Great)

Fiddlesticks is amazing after his rework, and looks set to perform well in a coordinated setting. There’s no mistaking his potency now, especially after another handful of buffs. Anyone who’s played him previously, should excel pretty quickly.

Jarvan LOL Jungle Tier ListJarvan is an oldie, but a goodie. In the current meta, he’s a brilliant pick thanks largely to his attack speed buff and self shielding. His clear is solid because of both, while Cataclysm can pretty much secure a kill.

KindredKindred is a fairly solid pick. She’s not incredible, but can perform well. Some mobility with Dance of Arrows and survivability through Lamb’s Respite, sees her survive most encounters. Great in the right hands, a disaster played by anyone unskilled.

NocturneNocturne is easy to play, and difficult to play badly. He has amazing clear with the right itemisation, and  thanks to Unspeakable Horror + Dusbringer, while his gank potential is high due to Paranoia. The fact he has a brilliant defensive ability in Shroud of Darkness also allows him to play aggressively.

nunu LOL Jungle Tier ListNunu comes with tons of utility, and while he’s fairly tricky to play well, he has brilliant clear and can control the flow of any team fight. His Snowball takes a bit of getting used to, but its gank potential is huge as it can be wound up way before an encounter. Snowball Barrage also ensures he can comfortably slow/root multiple players, if he lands each separately.

RengarRengar is good, but he’s also incredibly reliant on his Ultimate and building tanky. That said, the slower pace of the Jungle ensures he can reach 6 and then begin to put in the ground work. Considering the new foliage in the Jungle – especially around the Dragons – he has good burst potency. Falls off considerably end-game if he has built pure burst.

SejuaniSejuani is great after her recent positive buffs. Her clear isn’t amazing and she lacks sustain (even with her passive armor). However, Glacial Prison has amazingly high team fight value, allowing her to pressure quickly.

Shaco LOL Jungle Tier ListShaco is an amazing Champion that despite his difficulty, is forgiving as you climb. His ability to stealth ensures you can get out of most situations, while his ganking potentially – largely due to the fact his abilities are targeted – ensures he’s a monster in the right hands. His camp clear is also really, really good right now.

ViVi is amazing, and has rarely drifted from the top spots. A kit filled with utility and mobility, she’s incredibly potent in the right hands. A self-shielding passive, combined with her knock-up, allows her to go toe-to-toe with most Champions.

XinZhao LOL Jungle Tier ListXin Zhao has a solid kit that’s not complex, but effective. His self healing, knock-up, combined with his slow, makes him invaluable at ganking and clearing. Crescent Guard also ensures that he can 1 on 1 most enemy Champions, with little issue.

MasterYiMaster Yi isn’t particularly difficult to play, and hard to play badly. The only challenge to him, is clearing quickly and ensuring you gain some early ganks. He’s a point and click Champion, with Alpha Strike – his strongest ability – being targeted and guaranteed. The jungle changes this update ensure his slower camp clear works for his playstyle, and works for his weak early game.

B Tier (Good)

AmumuAmumu is a really simple, easy pick that’s super straightforward to play, and hard to play badly. As long as you land his engage (Bandage Toss), you’ll romp to some easy victories if you can efficiently make your way around the Jungle.

DrMundo LOL Jungle Tier ListDr Mundo is everywhere right now. In fact, I can’t remember the last game I played where he wasn’t in it in some form. It’s not entirely surprising, considering his simple kit and no-mana ensures he’s pain free to play, but with all the payoff. A good safe bet for any climb, and a great Champion in our LoL Jungle Tier List.

Gragas lacks finesse in his kit. He’s predictable, most of his telegraphs are easily read, and his Ultimate doesn’t necessarily lead to securing kills (the knockback is harsh and hard to master). That said, he still does well as a Jungler, and can prove particularly frustrating to fight – especially in a team encounter.

Jax LOL Jungle Tier ListJax probably has a higher skill ceiling than some in this pool, but there’s no mistaking that with a little bit of effort, he’ll take you far when climbing. His kit is simple, but requires a bit of concentration. His ability to evade damage and stun opponents, combined with his dive potential, sees him become a fairly aggressive top-laner.

KarthusKarthus is fantastic at the moment, even after slight speed nerfs, simply because of the slower pace and his utility. Jungle changes also mean that farming blue side – as opposed to red – lends itself to his kit, with both sides of the map now having equal value. His Ultimate will always excel.

PantheonPantheon is a solid pick just because of Grand Starfall and his ability to bomb a location quickly. His main downside is a lack of crowd control outside of Shield Vault. Miss it? Best of luck pursuing an enemy.

ShyvannaShyvana slips into B Tier simply on the basis that her kit favors Dragon slaying. She offers solid damage, a little utility and plenty of burst potential. There’s undoubtedly potency in her kit, as long as it’s in the right hands.

SylasSylas is often feast or famine in a Jungle role, and changes to Conqueror probably don’t help him. He’s still good in the right hands, but there’s still potency here. A few early kills can still see him snowball quickly.

Udyr LOL Jungle Tier ListUdyr can trade well with most Champions but he remains in a fairly safe Tier position because he doesn’t excel too much at anything. There’s other Champions that are undoubtedly stronger at team-fights and engaging. A lot of the Jungle this patch also depends on soloing the Dragon

C Tier (Poor)

CamilleCamille looks the part, but she fades away against peers. Her engage is too short and too slow, while she lacks any real utility for mid to late game. She also has poor sustain and clear in the current meta.

Ivern LOL Jungle Tier ListIvern is a gorgeous Champion. Unfortunately, he just does very poor in the Jungle role. His clear is simply too slow, and his ganking potential incredibly weak. The principal of his kit is fine, but it desperately needs sexing up to be quicker, and far more efficient.

MalphiteMalphite is massively reliant on his Ultimate to secure kills, while his self-sustain is really poor even with his passive mitigation. His lack of hard crowd control also ensures that he falls off massively and quickly when fighting toe to toe against others. Not great in our LoL Jungle Tier List.

QiyanaQiyana is, as far as I’m concerned, a weaker Jax. Her basic kit simply lacks depth and without it, clear speed, utility or self-sustain to clear the Jungle and gank effectively. You can still win with Qiyana, but there’s far stronger picks.


Sett has some solid potential, and his top-lane game is amazing. That said, his Jungle isn’t gang-busters good. Lacking mobility and heavily reliant on his Ultimate, his gank-game is pretty weak. That’s not to say you can’t get kills, and he works well late game, but there’s better alternatives.

SkarnerSkarner sits in the “poor” tier purely because of his reliance on Impale, and his ability to drag opponents. That said,  he has poor mobility and a fairly static reliance on his crystals. He can secure kills due to the range of Fracture (and his Ultimate) but he isn’t necessarily an easy ride.

TaliyahTaliyah has a really fun kit, but we don’t consider it really suits the Jungle meta. Even with Rock Surfing she doesn’t have enough pace, aggression or dive potency.  Seismic Shove can provide ganking opportunities, but too few..

TwitchTwitch can perform fine as a Jungler, but we consider that his kit largely leaves itself fairly weak in comparison to peers. His stealth has some value, but skilled players comfortably play around it, and his lack of dive makes ganking challenging.



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Daniel T
Daniel T
1 year ago

I’ve had a lot of trouble with Kayn but I like his kit. What can I do? I play in low Silver.

1 year ago

Nunu is “The Boy and His Yeti”

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