League of Legends patch 11.24b minor champion tweaks

Riot Games’ regular updates to League of Legends are coming with patch 11.24b. Updates that only add a letter at the end of the patch number are often small but this is the smallest one thus far. It only contains minor tweaks to 10 champions in response to the last patch’s big impact on the meta. These changes are only meant to rebalance the champions involved to keep them more in line with their desired win/lose rate.

Nerfed champions

Dr Mundo is the first on the list thanks to his reputation as an unkillable goliath. That is his gameplay design but his win rate across all meta shows that he is just obnoxious to deal with. He was oppressive thanks to being seemingly immune to crowd control but he evaded nerf because people think he is only effective in the tank meta. It appears that it wasn’t the case because his effectiveness persists despite the nerfs to said items.

Lux, the poster girl of League of Legends, is no stranger to minor tweaks for better or worse. This time, her efficiency is greatly boosted by the introduction of the legendary item, Horizon Focus. She can activate its passive using all of her abilities, making her a dangerous long-ranged mage. They toned down her scaling with the Horizon Focus. She’s rarely picked in major tournaments so any type of change won’t affect the odds in eSports on Bitcasino website.

Kassadin is one of the infamous balance nightmares in League of Legends and that reputation persists today. It appears that he is benefiting too much from the Crown of the Shattered Queen item which gives him unprecedented durability. Riot toned down his innate damage to discourage full-tank Kassadin, keeping him in line with his high risk, high reward identity.

Vayne’s Silverbolt ability is nerfed because it is too powerful in the current meta when combined with the reworked Lethal Tempo keystone. Riot had to make such changes because her pick rate is rising too far compared to other marksmen. Likewise, Talon is also nerfed thanks to him benefiting from the new keystone, First Strike, and the new item, Axiom Arc. The nerfs for him are only to make people pick him more for the mid-lane than the jungle.

Buffed champions

Most of the champions chosen for upgrades are struggling to win their matches except for Pyke. Although he has a great performance, he is just not a popular pick among players compared to enchanters, tanks, and pure ability power (AP) mages in the support role. Riot aims to shake the meta and Pyke is set to lead the assassin-support playstyle.

Olaf’s struggles are affected by the popularity of assassins in the current meta. There are often at least three assassins in a team composition and Olaf can’t keep up. Riot Games adjusted his abilities to allow him to survive heavy burst damage without changing his effectiveness in a 1v1 skirmish.

Kai’Sa and Varus are both struggling as attack damage carries (ADCs). They are still effective as they were when the season started but they have long since lost their popularity. Riot Games simply gave them a minor improvement to make them a little more competitive among other marksmen.

Bottom line

The tweaks are small but are expected to be substantial enough to influence players’ decisions which, in turn, affect the meta. This is only the micropatch and players are more looking forward to the new season update, patch 12.1.

Riot Games has already given a preview of changes coming to League of Legends in 12.1 such as new skins and plenty of adjustments for Janna. The summary of those changes includes giving her stronger damage and lower mana cost for Howling Gale. However, she has a shorter attack range and her Zephyr no longer scales with her movement speed. The changes are huge and may tip the odds for eSports on Bitcasino website.

The goal is to lessen her powerful poke with Zephyr + auto attack combo. Buffs and adjustments are provided to prevent making her unpopular with her fans. Patch 12.1 is also bound to show a few more changes to keystones and items. The changes made in Patch 11.24b are only part of the closing remarks as Season 11 ends on November 15. Stay tuned for bigger updates for Season 12.


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