Riot Games has raised over $7 million with a limited-time charity skin for League of Legends, with all the proceeds going to a great cause.

The $7 million will be donated to the company’s Social Impact Fund.  This fund is intended to  promote equality in education, opportunity, and global citizenship.

Riot makes its revenue from in-game purchases and cosmetics, including multiple skins for the over 150 champions in the game.  League of Legends is free to play. The Elderwood Ornn 2020 Charity Skin was added to the game’s store. The champion skin was available from December up until January 11. The Elderwood Orrn skin was purchasable for 1,350 RP, which is around $10 per sale for the fund. The charity skin was bundled with all associated chromas, two exclusive emotes, a new border icon and a Playful Pup Emote which could be bought for 7,885 RP, which is roughly $50.


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