Legends of Runeterra Expansions On The Way. Jeff Jew the Executive Producer of LoR has revealed that more than one expansion for Legends of Runeterra is on the way.  Amazing news.

“We’re also working on multiple sets right now,” Jew said. “I can’t go super deep into what those sets are or how many there are, but several of them are nearly done at this point. We’re balancing them still, we have a little art to do, but they’re real sets. We’re playtesting them.”

Jew also confirmed that new play modes are in the works.

“We are actually in the early development of a few ideas for modes—nothing I can talk about today—but our goal is to make the game feel fresh and let you use your cards in different ways.”

Legends of Runeterra’s plan is geared to the long-term success of the title.   With so many card games snuffing themselves out after a year due to costs and player attrition it’s refreshing to see a title that claims to be in this for the long haul.  Jeff Jew said,

“I think that one thing that we’re hoping comes through is that we’re treating Legends of Runeterra with the same level of service and commitment to it as we do League of Legends. I worked on League of Legends for many, many years, and our primary goal is to make sure that we were always listening and responding to players at a cadence that felt good to them. We want to bring all those lessons to legends of Runeterra, and hopefully that feels like a fresh take in this genre where the typical cadence you see is a large set [of cards]and then nothing for a long time. ” – PC Gamer

Jeff believes that a casual player should be able to collect 60-70% of a set within a month.    They plan a monthly release cadence, so casual players who don’t spend on the game won’t ever have a full set, but they also probably don’t need it.   The fastest way to unlock cards in LoR is simple,  giving any casual player a chance to create a large collection in a hurry.  Focusing on the best regions in LoR will give you an advantage.

Jeff also believes that the current “Make Do” META, where everyone is brewing decks with the limited cards that they have, will disappear by week three of week four and settle into a more traditional meta where there are common decks, counters, etc.    By combining a monthly release cadence the Runeterra team hopes that the META will feel different week to week.

Players are also only allowed to purchase so many cards each week which contributes to the “slow meta”.   The Runeterra team didn’t want new players entering the game only to be demolished by the S-Tier decks that the whales had purchased.

The current Elusive meta was also a topic that Jeff touched upon,

I do think there’s a lot of natural predators to Elusive cards. There’s an abundance of Challenger units in Legends of Runeterra, which lets you attack Elusive units directly. There’s a lot of removal tools you have in Piltover and Shadow Isles decks—things like that. I do think that it’s maybe true that the starter decks cannot combat Elusive enough as they are, so if you’re just playing the starter decks, there’s probably not many tools to fight that.

Riot plans to have the META consist of 10 viable S-Tier or close decks at all times.  This is an incredibly lofty goal as most CCG (Collectible Card Games) have 3-5 viable S-Tier decks at any given time.    If Riot can do it, and there is no reason to believe that they can’t then LoR will be around for a very, very long time.  The current Best Decks in Legends of Runeterra are all over the map, which is awesome.


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