Fastest Way To Level Regions and Unlock Your Vault. Not everyone has hours to play Legends of Runeterra every day. For streamers and those who play for hours a day, there is no issue leveling up their Vault or their Regions. It just happens as a by-product of the extreme amount of time that they are putting into the game.

For those of us who can’t play for hours a day leveling your Vault to 13 each week can be a daunting task. Leveling your Regions to 20 can seem insurmountable.   With that in mind, here is the fastest way to level your Vault and your Regions.

Legends of Runeterra: Fastest Way to Level Your Vault and Regions

Fastest Way to Level Vault and Regions

Do the following each day to the best of your ability and your time limitations.   Remember, winning and losing both have diminishing returns.

  1. Finish Daily Quest = 1,250 XP (Focus here first as you may get your wins and be able to skip #2)
  2. Get 3 wins = 1,300 XP
  3. Spam losses against the A.I. = 1,125 XP (Keep an eye out for when you hit 0 XP gain)

Just completing these three steps will net you 25,725 XP per week which puts your Vault at Level 13.

If you manage your active Regions properly you will end your first week with

  • 1 Region at Level 8
  • 2 Regions at Level 5
  • 3 Regions at Level 4

That equates to (at worst if nothing upgrades):

  • 1 Champion Card
  • 3 Epic Cards
  • 12 Rare Cards
  • 12 Rare Wild Cards
  • 44 Common Cards
  • 24 Common Wild Cards
  • Shards (random)

A Level 13 Vault gives you:

  • 9 Rare Cards
  • 36 Common Cards
  • 1 Expedition Token
  • Shards (Random)
Legends of Runeterra: Fastest Way to Level Your Vault and Regions

Your first week will result in a bigger card count haul than later weeks, but later weeks will result in better cards as you level up each Region.


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