LoR Freljord Cards List. On this page you can view all the best Freljord Cards that are currently in the game. We’ve ordered the cards from Champion to Common, with Champion cards housing Braum, Ashe, Anivia, and Tryndamere.

Legends of Runeterra Freljord List Best Cards

Below are all the cards availble to the Ionia region, and as noted above, is orginized by Rarity, starting with Champions, Epic, Rare and Common Cards. As is customary with Freljord Cards, it makes heavy use of “Burst” and “Slow” mechanics (not surprising, considering the icy wastes) of the region.

The Freljord is a harsh and unforgiving land. Proud and fiercely independent, its people are born warriors, with a strong raiding culture. While there are many individual tribes within the Freljord, the battle lines are being drawn in a three-way civil war that will determine the future for them all. One tribe unflinchingly honors the traditions that have ensured its survival; another follows the dream of a united future, as foretold by a young idealist; while the third worships the power of an enigmatic sorceress.

As Legends of Runeterra continues to grow, we’ll update this LoR Freljord Cards List accordingly. In addition, you can click on any of the  Champion cards below in order to travel to their primary page, and view what we consider to be their best builds.

Rising Tides Freljord Cards


Freljord Champion Cards

Ashe Ashe (AsheLevelUp) Ashe (CrystalArrow)Anivia Anivia (AniviaLevelUp) Anivia (Eggnivia) Anivia (GlacialStorm) Anivia (HarshWinds)Braum (BraumLevelUp) Braum (TakeHeart) Braum (MightyPoro) BraumTryndamere Tryndamere (TryndamereLevelUp) Tryndamere (BattleFury)

Freljord Epic Cards

LoR Freljord Cards List - AvarosanHearthguardAvarosanHearthguard - TarkazTheTribeless AvarosanHearthguard - ScarmotherCrynna    LoR Freljord Cards List - WintersBreathLoR Freljord Cards List - SheWhoWandersLoR Freljord Cards List - WarmothersCall


Freljord Rare Cards

LoR Freljord Cards List - EntreatLoR Freljord Cards List - StarlitSeerLoR Freljord Cards List - RimefangWolfLoR Freljord Cards List - AvalancheLoR Freljord Cards List - BloodswornPledgeLoR Freljord Cards List - ScarmaidenReaver     LoR Freljord Cards List - HeartoftheFluftTheyWhoEndure IcyYetiPackMentality BattleFury[/ctr]

Freljord Common Cards

[ctr]BrittleSteelElixirofIronOmenHawkUnscarredReaverYetiYearlingsAvarosanSentryFeralMysticIcevaleArcherShatterStalkingWolfAvarosanMarksmanAvarosanTrapperIcebornLegacyKindlyTavernkeeperScarthanSteffenTallTalesWyrdingStonesBabblingBjergBullElnukCatalystofAeons PoroSnax   AlphaWildclaw  TroopofElnuks  


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