Legends of Runeterra Ionia Cards List. On this page you can view all the best Ionia Cards that are currently in the game (and my personal favorite!) We’ve ordered the cards from Champion to Common, with Champion cards housing Zed, Yasuo, Shen and Karma

Legends of Runeterra Ionia List Best Cards

Below are all the cards available to the Ionia region, and as noted above, is organised by Rarity, starting with Champions, Epic, Rare and Common Cards. As is customary with Ionia Cards, it’s a fairly quick deck that makes use of “Fast” acting Elusive cards for constant pressure.

Ionia is a land of unspoiled beauty and natural magic. Its inhabitants, living in scattered settlements across this massive island continent, are a spiritual people who seek to live in harmony and balance with the world. There are many orders and sects across Ionia, each following their own (often conflicting) paths and ideals. Self-sufficient and isolationist, Ionia has remained largely neutral in the wars that have ravaged Valoran over the centuries – until it was invaded by Noxus. This brutal conflict and occupation has forced Ionia to reassess its place in the world. How it reacts and the future path Ionia will follow is as yet undetermined, but will be of great importance to Runeterra.

As Legends of Runeterra continues to grow, we’ll update this LoR Ionia Cards List accordingly. In addition, you can click here for Ionia Best Decks.

Ionia Champion Cards

Zed Shen YasuoKarma

Ionia Epic Cards



Ionia Rare Cards

FaeBladetwirlerGreengladeDuoInsightofAgesSownSeedsDeathMarkDenyRivershaperSolitaryMonkSteelTempestKinkouWayfinder      JeweledProtectorYusari         SloudDrinkerDawnandDuskStandUnited ZephyrSageRitualofRenewalYone

Ionia Common Cards

GreengladeCaretakerGhostHealthPotionInspiringMentorNavoriBladescoutNimblePoroRecallRushSparringStudentShadowFiendGreengladeLookoutHeraldofSpringKiGuardianNavoriHighywamanKeeperofMasks NavoriConspiriatorEmeraldAwakener   GreengladeElderScaledSnapper   ShadowAssassinTwinDisciplines   KinkouLifeblade    ShadowFiend    SpiritsRefuge  WillofIonia


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