Legends of Runeterra has opened its registration page, and players can now sign up for Riot’s newest card game.

Although it’s in Alpha, it already looks fantastic. Despite it likely to undergo huge changes before its 2020 release, it already looks far more solid than Artifact, and more enticing than Hearthstone.

Some players have provided first-impressions, and with a Moonstruck Poro available if you sign up early, that’s not surprising: now is the time to get on board.

Set to be available for PC and all mobile devices, Legends of Runeterra looks and plays like a cross between Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering. It’s attempting to be accessible, but also deep and competitive (a bit like Project A).

Unlike Hearthstone, LOR has stages and turns (instead of players making all their moves, and then ending their turn). Players take it in turns, but in stages, so you can bat back and forth in real-time). This results in much more complex, diverse gameplay, that doesn’t grow stale.

The end result of this change is the fact that players have to genuinely think about the turns they’re making and the cards they’re spending. In contrast, and in Hearthstone, players often go through the motions because every deck has a very specific play path.

It’s exciting to know how much this will change over the coming months, and whether or not Riot are happy with the speed and diversity of play. Either way, be sure to register and we’ll keep you updated.


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