Legends of Runeterra Shadow Isles Cards List. On this page you can view all the best Shadow Isle Cards that are currently in the game (and my personal favorite!) We’ve ordered the cards from Champion to Common, with Champion cards housing Elise, Kalista, Thresh and Hecarim.

Legends of Runeterra Shadow Isles List Best Cards

Below are all the cards availble to the Shadow Isles regions, and as noted above, is orginized by Rarity, starting with Champions, Epic, Rare and Common Cards. As is customary with Shadow Isles Cards , they’ve plenty of unique mechanics, with “Fearsome” highly prevelant across the deck.

The land now known as the Shadow Isles was once a beautiful realm, but it was shattered by a magical cataclysm. Black Mist permanently shrouds the isles and the land itself is tainted, corrupted by malevolent sorcery. Living beings that stand upon the Shadow Isles slowly have their life-force leeched from them, which, in turn, draws the insatiable, predatory spirits of the dead. Those who perish within the Black Mist are condemned to haunt this melancholy land for eternity. Worse, the power of the Shadow Isles is waxing stronger with every passing year, allowing the shades of undeath to extend their range and reap souls all across Runeterra.

As Legends of Runeterra continues to grow, we’ll update this Shadow Isle Card List accordingly. In addition, you can click here for Shadow Isles Best Decks.

Shadow Isles Champion Cards

EliseKalistaThresh  Hecarim

Shadow Isles Epic Cards

TheUndyingRhasaTheSundererCommanderLedros  SpectralMatronTheRuination TheHarrowing


Shadow Isles Rare Cards

FadingMemoriesSharkChariotFreshOfferingsFrenziedSkittererIronHarbingerPhantomPranksterSplinterSoulAncientCrocolithTheBoxWraithcaller EtheralRemitterPossessionTorturedProdigyAtrocity BroodAwakeningTheRekindler   SoulgorgerScuttlegeist

Shadow Isles Common Cards

RavenousButcherAbsorbSoulCrawlingSensationHaplessAristocratMarkoftheIslesObliviousIslander  WardensPreyArachnoidHorrorBlackSpear CursedKeeperGlimpseBeyondHauntedRelicMistwraithStirredSpirits SoulShepherdDarkwaterScourge ScribeofSorrows  OnslaughtofShadows   MistsCall   ChroniclerofRuinGraspoftheUndyingWitheringWail        Vengeance


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