Its been a busy few days for Legends of Runterra, so we thought that we’d pull together all the news from the internet into a single location so you don’t have to go looking.

Lulu has been revealed as another Support champion, with a set of cards that look particularly potent. She’s just as annoying here, as she is in League of Legends, so it’s good to see Riot keeping her in tact.

Next on the list, it’s Trundle. Bringing with him a brand new pack of Trolls, and a new key word (Behold), he looks set to be a late-game monster that’ll pair well with Support Champions in particular. The Behold mechanic gives a fairly huge buff if you have cards in hand. It’s effectively a compliment to a bit of a bunker playstyle.

If you want to see some more Troll concepts, take a look at Forrest Imel’s work over on ArtStation: incredible.

There’s some new emotes in the works, with Riot’s Suqling sharing the latest…

Lastly, there’s another new Keyword: Nightfall. An effect you gain from playing cards multiple times in a round. It’s a different slant on an aggro principle, and looks set to really open up the board and I think could work well for Deep.


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