LoL Support Tier List: This Tier List will always display the best Support Champions, based on the latest patch (11.2)

Updated: 25 January 2020

LoL Support Tier List Methodology

This LoL Support Tier List  (best-in-role) is based on:

  • Personal experience and feedback taken from multiple players, across multiple ranks.
  • Based on a Champions skill floor, and their ease of play (and skill ceiling).
  • The difficulty of a Champion, and their potential in the hands of a highly skilled player.
  • The ability to climb with the Champion, from lower ranks to high, with ease. In effect, these Champions will do the heavy lifting for you.
  • We’ve also colour coded Champion difficulty based on the above factors, using a Traffic Light system. It’s subjective, but should give you a steer (red challenging, orange moderate, green accessible).


God Tier (First Ban Material)

LeonaLeona is my most played Support Champion. While she lacks a lot of the utility of Senna, she makes up for it in other ways. She’s particularly “tanky” thanks to Eclipse, while her Immobilize through Zenith Blade is amazing for quickly shutting down an opponent. Her Ultimate is also exceptional thanks to the stun it provides. Great for our LoL Solo Tier List.

Lulu isn’t a Champion you’ll see all the time, but she’s amazing. Direct and helpful, her ability to heavily slow or speed up allies, combined with Wild Growth, ensures she brings fantastic 1 on 1 support for her carry.

Thresh is amazing, and it’s not hard to see why. A kit that’s brimming with utility, he can comfortably make big plays. His mini-stun and pull from Death Sentence, allied pull in Dark Passage, and a potent slow/prison in The Box. He has a high skill ceiling to get the most mileage out of him, but he’s so worth it.


S Tier (Optimal)

Bard LOL Support Tier List

Bard is a complex Champion that isn’t necessarily easily understood. He doesn’t bring as much support tools as his peers, but he can make brilliant plays thanks to Magical Journey and Tempered Fate. His double-stun, however, in Cosmic Binding – if it lands – can be incredible on bottom lane.

Blitzcrank LOL Support Tier ListBlitzcrank is really easy to climb with, and is one of the most accessible support Champions in the game. A simple and straightforward kit, that’s hard to fail with.  As long as you land his Rocket Grab, everything else is pretty much a button mash while your ADC does all the work.

Galio LOL Support Tier ListGalio looks the bees knees, and offers excellent team utility. His melee range places him a difficult position where a double ranged composition on bottom – combined with a good support – can punish him easily. That said, he has some poke in Winds of War and his taunt is amazing once he engages.

JannaJanna  is a popular Support, and you’ll often see her on any solo climb. Her ability to speed up allies passively (if looking at her), while Zephyr grants even more mobility and light crowd control. It’s Eye of the Storm however, that allows her to bring the most value, as the shielding ensures her ADC can be particularly aggressive, especially if she uses her Ultimate at the same time (which later heals).

NautilusNautilus is an absolute beast at the moment. Exceptional enough, tons of utility and crowd control, and a monster in the right hands. A root, powerful engage in Dredge Line, a potent shield and massive AOE slow in Riptide ensures if he dives deep, he and his team can mop up. No wonder he’s top of our LoL Support Tier List.

Rell Rell is solid right now. A varied kit that can punish, but one with a fairly high skill ceiling, she’s a solid draft that’s not exceptional, but is above average. Crash Down is particularly valuable in team fights, while Magnet Storm can cause serious issues for a team if you draft heavy amounts of AoE.

Senna is incredibly strong right now. She can play most lanes, but excels at Support. Her kit pretty much does everything: there’s little point listing it all. Roots, stealth, sustain, poke, burst – it’s bloated. Draft her if you can, though recent tweaks have brought her down slightly from God Tier.

Soraka has excellent self sustain in Starcall, and her ability to slow is also potent. What makes her great, however, is her large AOE silence that can, for the most part, absolutely destroy opponents in a team fight. I’ll also add that her life share, through Astral Infusion, ensures that with good positioning, it can be bloody tough to kill her carry.

Morgana LOL Support Tier ListMorgana is possibly tipping into God Tier after her buffs, simply because she’s so potent with her utility and burst. Her ability to shield an ally, grab players with Dark Binding, and pressure multiple with her Ultimate ensures that she’s not only a high damage threat, but also a Champion that can comfortably feed her carry.

Nami LOL Support Tier ListNami is another regular support you’ll often see on any climb. Her stun from Aqua Prison is invaluable, healing solid (Ebb and Flow), while Tidecaller’s Blessing ensures your ADC can hit hard, early game. The strongest utility of Nami, however, is from her Ultimate, as it’s often hard for new players to dodge, and it guarantees you and your team will zip up to the enemy for easy kills..

A Tier (Great)

Alistar is a solid draft. Certainly not poor, with a knockback, knockup, AOE heal (passive), and plenty of mitigation in Unbreakable Will (Ultimate), he can do well. He can be easy to punish from range, but effective use of his defences and a well placed Pulverize can see his carry do well.

Braum LOL Support Tier ListBraum is much improved after recent tweaks to his kit, and back fighting for a place in S Tier. Unbreakable is amazing at mitigating ranged threat, while his Ultimate, Glacial Fissure, is fantastic during mid to late game when team-fights are more common. He can also play particularly aggressively, ensuring that he takes most of the flak while his carry fires away behind him.

Pyke is probably on the bottom end of S Tier, leaning into A, but for now – he’s here. A huge slow from Bone Skewer, combined with the pull, makes for simple but effective plays. Phantom Undertow also provides a valuable stun, while Death from Below, recastable, can snowball fights pretty hard. He’s always worth a draft, and does well in our LoL Support Tier List.

Rakan solid survivability thanks to his passive shielding, combined with healing from Gleaming Quill make him a great pick. Combined with his knock-up, as well as his ability to Charm opponents, ensures he can boss a lane fairly easily.

Shaco LOL Support Tier ListShaco might not be seen as a conventional Support, but there’s no doubt it’s a roll he can perform well. His ability to zone with Jack In The Box, quickly burst alongside his ADC, while utilizing his decoy, ensures he’s a much more aggressive pairing. A decent pick in our LoL Support Tier List.

Taric LOL Support Tier ListTaric has a kit that that’s niche, but good. Lots of immunity lends himself to a melee-heavy composition, and he can withstand plenty of punishment thanks to his passive. He gets bullied easily by ranged compositions, and can be blown up quickly it out of position. That said, he’s great at the moment even after his tweaks.

Yuumi LOL Support Tier ListYuumi is much improved after her last updates. She might have a super passive playstyle (it’s not for everyone), but she does incredibly well. She basically bolsters anyone she’s attached to, which allows them – as one – to bully most 1 on 1 encounters with ease. Players often forget she’s attached, and they live to regret it. Her healing can be incredible.

Zilean is a complex Champion that has a high skill ceiling. At times wins don’t come easy for him, and other Support Champions are far easier to pickup and do better with, but he’s still good. Solid AOE zoning and damage, a powerful slow, and a rewind (similar to Ekko) for his team-mate ensures he’s good at peeling and protecting the vulnerable.

Zyra LOL Support Tier ListZyra is my most played Support, and while she lacks mobility and relies massively on perfect positioning, she can do exceptionally well. An amazing root, plenty of poke, lots of vision and AOE zoning through her pods, she can work wonders with a good carry. Her Ultimate is also amazing, and can comfortably wipe an entire team if they’re all caught in the vines when knocked up.

B Tier (Good)

Brand can be terrifying in the right hands. His ability to attack from range (as well as stun), he really does hit hard. More aggressive than most other Supports, this makes his use mid to late-game fantastic, as his AOE potency is significant in later team-fights. He may only have one form of crowd control, but when you hit like a truck, you sort of make up for it.

Karma is – I would argue – a better Support than top lane. That said, she’s solid regardless of where she plays. A powerful (large) AOE slow, a tether for rooting, and a shield for her ally sees her have a balanced, fair kit. The fact she has an Ultimate (Mantra) from level 1 also helps with early snowballing.

Nox LOL Support Tier ListLux is really popular, and it’s not difficult to see why. Plenty of damage and utility, she’s easy to play and hard to play badly. Her ability to root multiple enemies, slow them, and blast them into oblivion with a well placed Final Spark sees her comfortably support just about any carry.

Shen is Good as a Support, in fact, it’s common. However, there’s simply better to choose from in our LoL Support Tier List. He’s far better in top lane at the moment. While he has zoning potency, and reasonable damage, he lacks the utility needed to aid his carry in poking and securing kills through crowd control.

Sona LOL Support Tier ListSona is a fantastic Support that’s fairly passive, but valuable. Plenty of auras to heal, increase movement speed, or damage, she has a lot of utility that gives brilliant sustain. Her AOE stun in Crescendo is also fantastic in a team-fight.

Vel’Koz brings good AOE damage, and poke potency, but loses some crowd control because of it. He also lacks healing/shielding tools for his carry. Despite that, his use is all about long-range pressure, while making key use of his single knock-up.

Xerath has a kit similar to many (AOE slow, stun) as well as poke. He would be higher in our LoL Support Tier List, were it not for the fact that most of his abilities have a fairly heavy wind-up time. This makes his play somewhat predictable – and avoidable. That said, he’s still good and Rite of the Arcane can often kill lazy players.

C Tier (Poor)

Fiddlesticks in comparison to all his peers does an OK job. He’s a weird Champion that needs practice and patience. It’s hard work, his kit is challenging, and he can be incredibly frustrating to deal with if you play on the top of your game. That said, he’s one to avoid in a Support role.

Gragas lacks finesse in his kit. He’s predictable, most of his telegraphs are easily read, and his Ultimate doesn’t necessarily lead to securing kills (the knockback is harsh and hard to master). He’s eclipsed by so many other Support Champions, there’s little value in bringing him.

Swain is only really good in low ELO as a support. A potent AOE slow, root, immobilze and pull ensures he has most of the tools necessary to play aggressively, and support his carry. That said, he’s poked easily and most experienced players comfortably avoid his kit.

Tahmn Kench LOL Support Tier ListTahm Kench has a solid Ultimate ability, that gives him and an ally fantastic split push potential. However, besides that, his kit is severely lacking. His biggest issue as a Support, is the fact he gets absolutely battered by ranged compositions. Without the ability to apply his Trait with

Veigar is fantastic mid, but not so much bot lane. Event Horizon will always have value in holding enemy Champions in place, and his burst is eye-watering if he’s fed. However, if he’s supporting his carry – and giving them kills – he’ll fall behind and lack damage. Event Horizon alone isn’t enough to make him your Support. Avoid in our LoL Support Tier List.


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1 year ago

I main Support, and I think this list is a little off. Sona is way too low on this list, as her abilities are incredible mid and late game. The fact that Taric and Zilean are above Sona does not sit right with me. I play Sona a lot, and this may sound biased, but I feel that Sona just deserves to be in S Tier at least. I’ve got nothing against Bard, in fact I like using him. However, I don’t entirely believe that he should be God Tier as a Support. He is an incredible champion, but his… Read more »

1 year ago

this is wrong where is my quinn support?????? is op stronk very difucult play against

1 year ago

where is neeko?

1 year ago

Awesome tier list

Last edited 1 year ago by fdfdf
1 year ago

I main support and in my opinion tham kench is too low on the list. His ability to save the adc from stun and hook is great. Q slows and also he has great smog plus the stun I think he makes a great support. Every time I need a tank I always take him

10 months ago

Panth support?

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