Best Freljord Deck. While we’ve already covered the Best Decks in Legends of Runeterra, we wanted to break it down into your favorite Regions. In this guide, we walk you through our favorite – and the best Freljord Deck in the current meta.

Please note that meta builds are likely to change, and we’ll regularly update this list based on that. While this list of LoR Best Freljord Deck’s is amazing, and will see you climb far in Ranked play, they can still be beaten by a skilled player.

Thanks as always to Dawnstor and his Grand Master status for helping us out, as well as Mobalytics and Runterrafire for their amazing deck tools.

Endure Kalista

Best Freljord Deck


A brilliant Freljord deck, Kalista Sustain is pretty similar to every other Shadow Isle deck that’s meta right now. A combination of sustain, drain and aggro makes it incredibly frustrating. Throw in They Who Endure with Atrocity, and you’ve a solid end of match finisher. It’s a flexible, potent deck with high win rates. Its changed a fair amount in recent weeks, with most no longer running Rhasa the Sunderer or Brood Awakening, and instead it throws in a few more key Followers to bulk out the mid game tempo.

Midrange Frostbite

Best Freljord Deck


Undoubtedly one of the strongest decks for Freljord right now, Midrange Frostbite trades massively and quickly with most decks, utilising a constant use of Frostbite in order to win out. It then goes in for the kill with heavy Followers like Hearthguard and Yeti. Board clear from Reckoning, combined with Gloryseeker for those key shots on target. Icevale Archer provides a constant neuter for very little cost, and Elixir of Iron ensures early trading is a breeze.

Tempo Sejuani


A variant on the below, Sejuani Fortune utilises Miss Fortune’s Nexus attack, combined with an abundance of Overpower to hit face. Warning Shot’s prepare Sejuani, while Make it Rain and Citrus Courier allow you to continually apply pressure. Your win condition, Tusk Raider, also drags in Sejuani if you’ve a Warning Shot handy to guarantee it. A heavy pressure mid-range deck.

Sejuani TF

Best Freljord Deck


Easily one of the best Freljord decks right now. It doesn’t use too many Followers, but it does make massive use of key ones. Specifically, Spells like Elixir and Fury to trade easily. It also makes brilliant use of Starlit Seer and your Warning Shots to constantly boost your deck.


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