Best Noxus Deck. While we’ve already covered the Best Decks in Legends of Runeterra, we wanted to break it down into your favorite Regions. In this guide, we walk you through our favorite – and the best Noxus Deck in the current meta.

Please note that meta builds are likely to change, and we’ll regularly update this list based on that. While this deck is amazing, and will see you climb far in Ranked play, it can still be beaten by a skilled player.

Thanks as always to Dawnstor and his Grand Master status for helping us out, as well as Mobalytics and Runterrafire for their amazing deck tools.

Teemo Aggro

Best Noxus Deck


A variant on the discard aggro that has been in Legends of Runeterra since, well, forever, Burn Aggro is a little more aggressive, making use of Teemo for high pressure. The principal of its playstyle remains fairly similar, with a rush to punish players as early as possible. It makes use of some P&Z Spells, but for the most part is almost exclusively Noxus.

Discard Aggro

Best Noxus Deck


More Piltover & Zaun than Noxus, for anyone familiar with decks that are all about disposing of cards for you and your opposition, you’ll love this Jinx and Draven mix. While Draven alone isn’t an incredible Champion, with the right cards or alongside Jinx, he has amazing synergy. A powerful rush deck that has less popularity than it once did, it’s still exceptional. Definitely one of the best Noxus decks.

Yasuo Stunlock

Best Noxus Deck


My go-to deck at the moment, and one that’s a lot of fun, flexible, and super annoying. Its been revised with the addition of some new Noxus and Ionia cards, which makes it much stronger at early clear. It’s hard to play well with, but does exceptionally well once you’ve cracked its rhythm. A sleeper hit in our Best Noxus Deck list.


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