Best Shadow Isle Deck. While we’ve already covered the Best Decks in Legends of Runeterra, we wanted to break it down into your favorite Regions. In this guide, we walk you through our favorite – and the best Shadow Isle Decks.

Please note that meta builds are likely to change, and we’ll regularly update this list based on that. While these decks are amazing, and will see you climb far in Ranked play, it can still be beaten by a skilled player.

Thanks as always to Dawnstor and his Grand Master status for helping us out, as well as Mobalytics and Runterrafire for their amazing deck tools.

Corina Control

Best Shadow Isle Deck


Undoubtedly one of the strongest decks right now, and one you’ll see often, Corina Control utilises a huge amount of spells, and Corina Veraza. The Piltover & Zaun card allows you to deal 1 damage to all units, based on the amount of cards you obliterate. Considering the vast majority of your deck is made of up of spells, it pretty much ensures a consistent 5 damage across the board, every time Corina is played. Combine this with Elise and Spider rush, as well as Commander Ledros to finish? Ouch. Definitely one to watch in our LoR Best Shadow Isle Deck list, as it’s hard to play badly.

Deep Toss Monsters


Created by roninszaky, Deep Toss Monsters is designed to utilise the Deep/Toss mechanics that were newly introduced with Bilgewater. Fundamentally, it’s a late-game deck that thrives on you removing as many cards as you can, as quickly as you can. With plenty of Followers that either Toss cards, heal your Nexus or obliterate the opponent, it has the potential to be very strong. Early rush could limit its potency, but if it makes it to end game? That Maokai and Nautilus are going to hurt: an amazing deck in our our best Legends of Runeterra decks list.

Endure Kalista

Best Shadow Isle Deck


Kalista Sustain is pretty similar to every other Shadow Isle deck that’s meta right now. A combination of sustain, drain and aggro makes it incredibly frustrating. Throw in They Who Endure with Atrocity, and you’ve a solid end of match finisher. It’s a flexible, potent deck with high win rates. Its changed a fair amount in recent weeks, with most no longer running Rhasa the Sunderer or Brood Awakening, and instead it throws in a few more key Followers to bulk out the mid game tempo.


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2 years ago

What would you say is the beat hecarim deck at the moment?:) also, is yasuo stunlock viable in the version you provide)

2 years ago
Reply to  AoR

Hey there, thx for reply:) I play a cheaper version of yasuo control deck

I need a few more cards to build yasuo stinlock to try it out:) but it’s trickiness is what scares me lol:))

As for hecarim, I am not sure what type to build, midrange or rush. I kinda loose to both, and both seems cool. However, with Hecarim ephemeral rush if u get bad mulligan, there is like no way to win then right?

2 years ago
Reply to  Anton

In my first comment, I was meant to say what in your opinion is the best hecarim deck:)

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