Best Targon Deck. While we’ve already covered the Best Decks in Legends of Runeterra, we wanted to break it down into your favorite Regions. In this guide, we walk you through what looks to be a fan favorite – and the best Targon Deck.

Please note that meta builds are likely to change, and we’ll regularly update this list based on that. While these are all amazing, and will see you climb far in Ranked play, this collection of decks can still be beaten by a skilled player. Enjoy our best Targon deck list!

Thanks as always to Dawnstor for their Grand Master status for helping us out, as well as Mobalytics and Runterrafire for their amazing deck tools.

Trundle/Aurelion Sol


Targon’s strongest deck by some margin, and nursing a 56% win rate, Trundle/Aurelion Sol is a bit of a late-game beast. Wyrding Stones bring massive value towards late game, as it helps you bring cards online early, while Harsh Winds buys you significant time. I will say this is quite a complex deck to play, as it relies massively on surviving early rush in order to crush enemies.



A little behind in comparison to Trundle/Aurelion Sol when it comes to win rates, Diana/Nocturne is a fairly fast deck that relies on trading with opponents. Diana brings massive early trade potential, while Nocturne also has the opportunity to pick and choose his enemies. Stalking Shadows gives massive win potential and Fading Memories allows for free trades. Still fairly complex to use, but very rewarding. Undoubtedly one of the best Targon decks.



A very different deck to its Nocturne counterpart, but this Leona deck is somewhat similar to the Aurelion Sol setup. Utilising Lunari Duskbringer’s and Solari Soldier’s for early trades, it’s relying on controlling the game quickly. With most cards being on the fairly cheap side, you’ll need to see to it that you end the game as soon as possible, as Rahvun and Mountain Scryer alone won’t carry you.


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