LoR Champion Tier List. This Tier List will always display the best Champions, based on the latest patch. LoR is free to play – grab it here!

Updated: 2 December 2020


This LoR Champion Tier List  (best-in-role) is based on:

  • Personal experience and feedback taken from multiple players, across multiple ranks.
  • Based on a Champions overall cost, utility and viability throughout the course of a match.
  • The synergy of a Champion and how it plays alongside prominent decks.
  • The anticipated meta, based on already popular builds.

God Tier (Overpowered)

No Champions and their respective decks are currently considered Overpowered. 

S Tier (Optimal)

Kalista has always had every potential to be a high Tier Champion after her buffs, but rarely saw competitive play. In recent weeks however, she’s the go-to Champion with her Hyper Aggro Endure deck.  Her base card stats are relatively cheap, but also because her level up – bond with an ally – gives her solid momentum. Combined with an aggressive followers for massive early aggro, she works ridiculously well against most decks. Currently nursing a 58% win rate, she’s undeniably strong.

GangplankGangplank is a potent mid to late game Champion that can do very well alongside Twisted Fate or Sejunai. His Overpower and Keg use is strong, and his level up condition is pretty easy to meet. When paired with either Champion, he’s fairly oppressive with solid board clear. Not too many meta decks with him, but those that exist (such as TF Gangplank) have high win rates.

Sejuani is a potent Champion, and pairs exceptionally well with Swain. She’s only limited by the fact her level-up trigger is fairly late game, and unless you have to hand Spells that’ll directly hit the Nexus (or force her Overwhelm) it’s hard to trigger her Frostbite effect. Despite that, she’s part of plenty of meta decks and when she does come into play, or is levelled up, she’s a monster.

Swain is in the meta because he brings aggro potency with utility. He also has a key set of cards that clear boards, or harm the nexus easily. Paired with Sejuani or Twisted Fate, he does exceptionally well and right now, has win rates are up 57% in key decks. As long as you can keep him in play, and bring him out when he has levelled up, he’ll do amazingly well.

Tahm Kench has huge potency, and does exceptionally well right now. His Tahm/Raka deck has huge potential, and does well against most opposition. Paired with Landmarks and Soraka’s healing, it’s an intricate deck with massive potency. In most instances, it’s pushing S Tier because it has so much flexibility and utility. With Tahm’s ability to kill a unit every turn, there’s no surprise it’s so solid.

Twisted Fate brings utility and bang for your buck, and makes up most Bilgewater decks. Potent and powerful thanks to his Destiny Card, he’s a flexible Champion that slots into most decks with ease. Whether you put him in a draw heavy setup, or alongside Gangplank, he does well.

A Tier (Great)

Ashe is A Tier for several reasons. With 3 health she’s fairly easy to topple, but if she’s upgraded – she moves straight into S Tier. This is largely because of Frostbite, and the fact Crystal Arrow combined with Ashe’s Flash Freeze can shut down most opposition for lengthy periods of time. If you also factor in her ability to counter aggro decks, by buying significant amounts of time, she’s undoubtedly potent. Her most popular deck sees her paired with Sejuani for serious shut-down potential.

Aurelion Sol is a late-game monster, with a lot of intricacy and synergy. Right now, his best win-rates are with Trundle and Diana, sitting comfortably above 53%. In many respects playing him is a win condition, and it shows based not only on his win-rates, but also his reliance on Champions such as Diana to take him there. There’s every chance he’ll climb to S Tier if his deck rates continue to increase.

Draven is great but also a high-risk, high reward Champion, largely because he only really has a couple of viable decks right now that are in the meta. His low health sees him fairly easy to remove, while Spinning Axe has you dispose of a card, and hand it to your opponent. It’s not always ideal, but still works incredibly well in a zoo deck. With the right setup, he’s very difficult to deal with if you’re a late-game deck because he brings massive aggro potency.

Elise can be incredibly powerful if you’ve a bank of spiders to utilise. By default, her card isn’t incredible, but it is potent. That said, if you do have spiders – and these are solid units – then she can be oppressive. If you’ve spiders on the board, she can be upgraded quickly and her accompanying spiders, by default, are valuable. She slots into most decks with ease.

Ezreal can be removed fairly early, but he’s an annoying Champion in our LoR Champion Tier List. Like most Champions (each has a synergistic pair), he does well with Heimerdinger and Karma. Many players take him with a Ionia deck, and it seems to work out well for him, though his win rates have fallen heavily in recent weeks. New upcoming decks with him utilise Vi or Twisted Fate to reasonable results.

Lulu is probably the star of the Targon expansion (despite being Ionia) because her Support potency is just so strong. Part of plenty of meta builds, with varying win rates (but all above 50%) put her at the heart of what people are playing right now. An easy level-up condition that’s quickly met, alongside some solid decks with Shen put her in the driving seat for Support based decks.

Maokai only has a handful of buildss right now, but the one build he does have – Deep Monsters – is incredibly strong and is a staple of top-tier decks. By the time you get to turn 6, you can pretty much win a match the moment you go Deep. If you also reach the point where he can toss the enemies deck, it’s game over. A sticky Champion that pairs incredibly well with Nautilus.

Miss Fortune is a Champion that was top of the Tier Lists a few months back, but has dropped back somewhat. Her Quinn Scouts is still fantastic, and she pairs well with some Gangplank and Sejuani decks. Shes dropped out of S Tier a little, but there’s no mistaking that if she can be kept on the board, with rallies and an aggressive deck, she’s incredibly potent.

Nautilus is a Champion that’s undeniably potent, but right now, limited to what seems like one meta deck. An absolute boss when he comes into play, but the very nature of his Deep mechanic does limit who he can play alongside. Right now? Only Maokai, with a full Toss deck. Even so, it’s more than enough to get you to master ranks.

Quinn Scouts has been in the meta forever. Not as popular as it was, but still very strong and performing well. Quinn’s highest win rate deck (59%) is alongside Miss Fortune, and will see you steadily climb if you have a good run against decks that can handle mid-range push. At times Quinn can be relentless if she rallies regularly, and when she does, slowing her down can prove super challenging.

Shyvana has been in meta decks for a little while. Her Mid-range with Aurelion Sol is particularly potent, and is unquestionably one of the strongest decks in the game. It effectively wants to see her rush dragons as quickly as possible, while surviving to bring Aurelion onboard. As it stands, it’s her only viable deck but it’s incredibly strong. So if you do want to run her? Look no further.

Shen’s barrier’s are great, and they work amazingly well in Lulu or Fiora decks. However, it has to be said that Shen takes a patient, skilled player to get the most out of him. His most popular deck, with a 57% win rate, uses Demacia/Ionia cards for mid-range push. It’s based on an original Fiora/Barrier deck, and plays in a similar manner. Use your shields to trade, and gain board control.

Vi is fundamental to most Spell heavy decks, and is very much in the meta and an optimal accompaniment to Karma or Heimadinger. Bring her into play mid to late game, and she can often clean up in an instant. She’s not a win condition, but not far from one despite her recent bout of card changes. Just be cautious of bringing her on too early – you need to be able to not only level her up, but trade with opposing enemies easily.

B Tier (Good)

Braum is A Tier at the moment, largely because his base health is high, his early cost low, and the fact that if he’s given enough time to level up, his ability to summon a Mighty Poro every time he survives damage is suffocating. Needless to say, and just like in League of Legends, he’s also a solid support for most decks. The only thing to be conscious of right now, is that despite being a good Champion, he isn’t massively in the meta.

Diana, similarly to Trundle (below) is part of several meta decks that settle for win-rates a little over 50%. This puts her in a position where you can steadily climb with her. Her most popular pairing is with Nocturne, while she also does well alongside Leona. Relatively low stats, but the ability to Challenge early makes her a fairly potent aggro pick.

Fiora will always be a bit of a beast due to her win condition. Why? Well, her level up is easy to attain, while her Riposte works incredibly well. She does have vulnerabilities (notably anything that can slow her, such as Ashe) but she’s still brilliant. A great starting Champion for climbing the ranked ladder and one that pairs well with Shen and Lulu. She’s out of the meta right now, but still a good card, purely because of her synergy and ease of play.

Fizz is one of those Champions that’s feast or famine. His Elusive ability is fab, but he’s being eclipsed right now in Bilgewater decks by a lot of Sejuani or Miss Fortune. That said, he’s still solid and can do well as a second Champion (good early pressure as well). Most skilled players can play around his native ability, and despite some value when he first comes onboard, he’s out of meta right now.

Garen isn’t much fun to fight against in League of Legends, and the same can be said in Legends of Runeterra. His level up condition is incredibly easy to get, while his upgraded form is pretty disgusting (an attack phase every turn). If you also consider the fact his upgrade is a 7/7, it’s enough to make you want to surrender instantly. Not as popular as he once was, but still a good Champion for early decks, and a beginner climb up Ranked.

Heimerdinger is all about control (not surprising). There was a time where he was everywhere and he pairs well with Ezreal, but is out of meta right now. After his turret changes, he isn’t as good as he once was. Even so, at lower ranks he can oppressive, and frustrating to deal with. Unless you clear him off the board quickly, you’re in trouble.

Jinx is solid, largely thanks to the way in which discarding cards works in Legend of Runeterra. She also pairs well with Draven (who can discard cards). Her “Jinx Gets Excited” card is also awesome, allowing her to punish opponents easily. She’s a lot of fun to play, and super effective. She isn’t as popular as she once was, but she’s still good in an aggro deck.

Karma still needs a great hand, and is spell heavy, but even so, her potency at the moment alongside Ezreal and Heimerdinger is good. With it, she was once considered a little too strong, and her Ezreal/Karma deck was meta for some time. Although her popularity has decreased in recent weeks, largely due to tweaks to Heimerdinger, Ezreal Karma still remains a potent deck.

Leona’s proving a little tricky to place, because she has plenty of deck popularity but none of them are amazing. That said, she’s showing signs of potentially being higher. Bringing a keyword that’s perhaps a little too simple, she compliments Diana incredibly well and for that reason alone, is heading to around 54% on the win front. If it wasn’t for Diana, she takes a massive tumble and it’s really the only viable deck she has right now.

Lux is – like her League counterpart – incredibly annoying. A frustrating Champion to fight against, her hand is packed with utility that makes her a headache to handle. Fairly easy to level up, while Prismatic Barrier is cheap and valuable. She’s not hugely in the meta right now, largely because of Leona and Lulu taking her top spot, but there’s still several decks that make her potent.

Thresh has a lot of potential, and I think it’s fair to say that at this stage of the meta, he hasn’t quite reached the lofty heights of what he could do, or how players use him. He’s very much a mid to late game deal, and is slow as a result. The addition of Nautilus and Maokai, however, has pushed him back into some favor. Not one of the best Runterra Champions, but also not out of meta either.

Trundle is part of several meta decks right now, alongside Aurelion Sol or Tryndamere. Despite being part of these, his win-rates are fairly middle of the road (around 52%) which prevents him and his decks being that bit higher in our Tier List. Despite this, I think there’s room for Trundle to grow and it’s evident that the community likes his kit, they just haven’t found a deck he triumphs often with. 

C Tier (Niche)

Katarina is an offensive Champion that has all the flavour of League of Legends. Her level up is fantastic, while she works incredibly well with an aggressive, rush desk where your creeps can swarm the board and overwhelm quickly. Unfortunately for her, she hasn’t been meta in months and her best deck – alongside Yasuo – was far too easy to deal with. There hasn’t really been another deck since.

Anivia is a an OK card, which feels about right. She’s relatively expensive at a 6 cost, ensuring that cheaper Champions will have had several turns before she comes into play. As Anivia can’t block, you can ignore her for much of a match. That said, her ability to revive and combined with her Harsh Winds, ensures she has some board clear. Would be higher, but she’s totally out of meta.

Darius doesn’t quite pack the punch that he should. He is a good Champion but one that doesn’t really excel. He’s incredibly vulnerable to crowd control, such as Frostbite, while removal spells can also clear him off the board early. He isn’t in a single meta deck right now, and it doesn’t look to be a situation that changes any time soon.

Hecarim is potent Champion, and one of the best Champions in the game for Ephemeral Rush. He might be expensive, but when he does come into play, it can be a level of push that’s unstoppable without instant board clear. It takes him a fair amount of time to come online, and in comparison to other Champions *looks at Garen or Elise*, it doesn’t always go to plan. That said, with the right deck, he’s a good addition that can add serious pressure even if he’s out of meta right now.

Lee Sin isn’t popular, but his Lee Vi is pretty good. When he comes online, and levels up, he’s terrifying to deal with, especially with his continued use of Challenger and Barrier. That said, his potency can be neutered by early Aggro, Frostbite (which is prominent at the moment) or just an abundance of Elusive. Even so, a reasonable Champion but not a popular one.

Lucian is an alright Champion if you’re rushing early, and he isn’t too difficult to level up. His entire approach is to blast on enemies as quickly as possible before they get established. Certainly not perfect, but it does allow him to snowball early. That said, he’s rarely seen and rarely played. In fact, I don’t think a single meta deck involves him. There’s better choices.

Nocturne has every potential to be a fantastic Champion, but right now, he’s not really in the meta besides one deck with Diana, and even then it isn’t incredible. His Fearsome is solid, and his in-play bonus great, but no one has yet to find a deck with him that does gang-busters when it comes to win rates. The fact there’s so few decks with him, suggests he’s either too niche, or no one has to yet to figure out what to do with him.

Taric is the best Champion in the entire League universe (I’ll fight anyone on that), but in Legends of Runterra…not so much. So far, no real decks in the meta, and the one Lee Sin deck he does have, has terrible win rates. There’s every potential for Taric to do well, and his cards – and support cards – are solid. Right now, though, it’s simply a case that the community hasn’t taken the time to find where he fits.

Teemo is a pain in the bum but he’s easy to clear. His poison puff caps are incredibly annoying to deal with, and his level up, where things get worse, is enough to send a player to madness. Right now, there’s plenty of cards to remove him from the board, making his value pretty limited. There was a brief time where he was back in the meta, using a pure aggro deck, but even that has died off quickly.

Tyrndamere is a Champion that just doesn’t die. You can beat on him all you like, and he’ll remain in place (pretty much like League, then). His Battle Fury is solid, and unless your opponent has a specific way of sweeping him from the board, he’ll stay in play. He doesn’t excel anywhere, so he’s a good solid pick for beginners. Primarily used in sustain decks, as a win-condition late game. You rarely see him, because he’s somewhat easy to play around.

Vladimir revolves around a zoo deck, which is unloading lots of cheap cards to overwhelm the board and enemy. This largely comes about because of his attack, which allows him to deal damage to the Nexus. If you also factor in his Transfusion, and the fact that there’s tons of cards which deal damage to your own minions, there’s no surprising he can do OK. Unfortunately he’s eclipsed at the moment by Piltover & Zaun decks that are just vastly superior at pushing Spells and Followers at players. Even after his buffs, still a niche pick right now in our LoR Champion Tier List.

Yasuo is packed with stun and recall, and largely revolves around a control deck to utilise this. He’s not really people and unlikely to become more so. Right now he’s niche but one to watch as people explore his value in the future. The worst thing about Yasuo is the fact he has to remain on the board to have any value, and that alone is hard to do.

Zed looks amazing, has brilliant interactions, and his level up isn’t too difficult to obtain. His Shadowshift is solid, and right now, he does reasonably well in just about every area. Out of most meta decks, his Elusive setup isn’t as potent as it once was. He’s been pushed out of the meta a little bit in recent weeks, and while he’s making an appearance in some Lulu decks, it’s not quite enough.




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2 years ago

Depends what deck you use them in. Draven is in one of the best decks, burn aggro.

2 years ago

Good tier list, i think all lor champions have their uses, but some of them are more viable than others. I hope riot will balance champions dont overnerfing/overbuffing champs (example – elise is very strong but if you nerf her hp she will die even by mystic shot and became bad/if you nerf her dmg she will struggle to defeat even small units/you cant nerf spiderlings and nerfing other shadow isles spiders more isnt good idea In this example riot maybe can rework her?) I dont think lor is unbalanced but i would like to see some some nice changes.

2 years ago

Can someone explain to me why jinx is good. She is poor at best(in the ranked sense) a very high risk medium reward deck and you have to build around her you. When playing a deck around her you lose all card advantage. But she is very fun to play.

2 years ago

It’s missing Miss Fortune

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