Over on PCGamer, the Legends of Runeterra development team sat down for a chat about the launch, perceived balance, and what players can expect in the coming weeks. It’s a fairly lengthy interview, and covers some solid topics, including Elusive units, knee-jerk balance changes, and the road ahead. There’s some sensible answers from the Legends of Runeterra team, so it’s well worth a read over on their site.

PC Gamer: I’ve been enjoying Runeterra a lot, but the one thing that I keep worrying about is, well, this isn’t the first time I’ve played a new CCG and had a ton of fun only for the game to go belly up a year later. What are you planning to do differently to keep Runeterra something that I’ll want to play a year from now?

Jeff Jew: I really empathize with that, I was a huge Duelyst player for a long time and I just saw it was shutting down. I loved that game, so I feel you on the apprehension around that. I think that one thing that we’re hoping comes through is that we’re treating Legends of Runeterra with the same level of service and commitment to it as we do League of Legends. I worked on League of Legends for many, many years, and our primary goal is to make sure that we were always listening and responding to players at a cadence that felt good to them. We want to bring all those lessons to legends of Runeterra, and hopefully that feels like a fresh take in this genre where the typical cadence you see is a large set [of cards]and then nothing for a long time.

We’re committed to a monthly release cadence. I think players will see a lot of changes through the open beta that will hopefully make them feel like, oh wow, Riot is listening to us and bringing something fresh. Upcoming this year, when we add [the mobile version]along with some new features, that’ll have an impact as well. And we’re also working on multiple sets right now. I can’t go super deep into what those sets are or how many there are, but several of them are nearly done at this point. We’re balancing them still, we have a little art to do, but they’re real sets. We’re playtesting them. For us it’s focusing on servicing our players as much as possible, building that relationship and having those conversations, and we’re planning a multi-year roadmap right now.



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