New draft mode for Legends of Runeterra, you ask? Alright, then.

Over on the official LOR Twitter, word on the street is that there’s a video going live later today showcasing what’s on offer, and what they’ve been working on.

Although there’s only a short trailer on Twitter, it does give a very brief glimpse of what we can come to expect: either way, it’s already looking very slick and polished.

Alongside this, there’s also a full set of patch notes set to arrive Wednesday that’ll see over 40 card balance changes.

Legends of Runeterra New Draft ModeWhile we don’t yet know which cards will be affected, or why, I think it’s fair to say that this early into Legends of Runeterra’s development, we’re sure to see far more as time passes.

As always, and certainly when sweeping changes are incoming, the community is already speculating on what’s next, and if their last post is any indication of their approach, I’m expecting something enticing.

It’s important for us to be extra transparent about what you get for investing your time and/or money. We’ve seen some players trying to estimate, but we think you should have the exact numbers—no guesswork required.

We’ll keep you posted of any developments.


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