Ocean buff in Teamfight Tactics gives your minions a buff to mana regen.  Keep that in your head for a minute.   It benefits all minions and synergies, but there is one that it really buffs, summoners. The Ocean Summoners guide will almost always guarantee you a top-three finish.  It will be very rare that you finish out of the top four.

I had been trying it out to sometimes great and sometimes good results.  It almost always finished top 3 for me.   It seemed gimmicky, but then Scarra posted a video doing the very same thing.

The current meta is often dominated by Woodland / Druid.   Ocean / Mage / Summer fares very well against the Woodland / Druid / Assassin compositions that you are likely to face.  Not only do summoners in some ways counter the extra champion you receive through Woodland, but they deliver mucho damage over a short period of time.

The strategy is simple. Grab the two early Ocean Mages that are available and every summoner that you can get your hands on. Eventually you add Brand to round things out. Depending on your success early, you may need to Donkey Roll (roll down to refresh your champion store choices) to live through the early game.   Thresh is an excellent choice as a tank given his Ocean synergy.   Going with a second Warden is an option, but for the most part the summoned creatures tend to be enough of a distraction that having a big, tanky front line isn’t necessary.

Try this composition out and let me know how it goes.   When the meta swaps out of the Woodland / Druid debacle that we are currently in this composition should still continue to shine.  It works well against just about everything with the exception of Inferno or Rangers.

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