There’s a new League of Legends patch, bringing with it the usual dose of tweaks to a series of Champions. Tweaks to Shen and Ashe are first up, after recent buffs saw them a little too strong, while Miss Fortune gets a few improvements to her attack speed growth. The biggest surprise is probably the nerf to Kog’maw to make him more squishy, which is particularly interesting considering he’s rarely picked, and even in pro play is seldom seen. Full notes can be found here!

 Hey, do you remember? Dancin’ in September? Come on, let’s chase the clouds away with 10.18!

Classic tunes aside, we’ve got a whole slew of changes for you in this patch. Big ticket items include flexing fancy feet to a foxy favorite and bringing some action to the Bringer of Justice. The rest are mostly changes in light of how champions are faring, especially in Skilled and Pro MMR: shimmying down some faces who have overstayed their welcome (Galio, Ashe, Sett), and bopping up some friends who need some spring in their step (Miss Fortune, Rumble, Twitch).

Past champions, we’ve been seeing Guardian dominate on pretty much every support, so we’ve taken some steps to reel it back a bit and open up options for other Keystones.

And another one for you, or really, one for everyone—One For All returns this patch! Along with a whole array of Client, FX, and general fixes. You know the drill.

So tango your way down and jig your way over to the Rift. We’ll be dancing with ya.

Take this portal if you’re looking for TFT’s patch notes!


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