There’s some new patch notes for League of Legends, bringing with it a host of changes and improvements.

Hi friends!

These patch notes are very big. Look at all our bugfixes. Look at Prestige Edition Senna. Look at the Akali work. Look at what they did to my girl. Look at the buffs to jungle! And maybe even most importantly, we got some amazing VFX updates this patch for some of our oldest and most beloved champions.

Take this portal if you’re looking for TFT’s patch notes!

Here’s the TL:DR 

Overall, I think it’s a solid patch with Akali pushed in the right direction, and Aphelios no longer being a long-range Sniper. Azir’s buffs are gentle, but considering he already has the potential to be ridiculously strong, it’s not surprising to see him slightly tweaked.

On top of that, the usual meta offenders (Ekko, Diana, Leona, Senna and Miss Fortune) were all rightly nerfed. Perhaps it’ll allow for more Junglers and Support Champions to rise to the top.

As always, full notes here (go give League some clicks!)


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