PETA have filed a fresh lawsuit against League of Legends creator, Riot, citing that the developer is not only encouraging the unlawful ownership of rare birds, but the training of them for combat.

In its filing, submitted to a Florida county court late on Friday, PETA detailed how Riot’s implementation of Quinn, and her eagle, Valor, was encouraging those in the United States to misuse animals in the name of entertainment.

PETA are not only seeking removal of Valor from the game, but also $50 million in damages, stating that, “The continued use of this bird of prey, even within a fantasy setting, will have caused untold lasting damage to our conservation efforts. Eagles are there to be treasured, not forced into armed conflict to satisfy the needs of geek gamers.”

While Riot have yet to respond to the case, we’ve reached out for comment. We’ll keep you updated.


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