Project A has been revealed by Riot. Lead by Executive Producer, Anna Donlon, their latest title will step on CS:GO’s toes.

What we know so far, is the new title is a character-based tactical shooter. It’s designed to be competitive, and has a full cast of characters with unique abilities. It also looks gorgeous.

The main focus is on gun-play, but abilities will still play a key part in survival and kills. Not only that, but Riot are focusing on anti-cheat systems, and that latency and hit-boxes aren’t an issue.

The video from Anna is brief, but it highlights slick gameplay, varied abilities, and a brilliant art-style.

Despite that, there’s no word of a release date, or a title. Although some have had hands-on time with the game it could be a long time until we see a release date.

Its official page over at Riot is now live, and despite Project A revealed late in the year, it hasn’t stopped excitement across the competitive community.

With Overwatch’s popularity on the slide, and Fornite not quite scratching the itch for most streamers, surely now is the time for a new competitive title.

Riot have the expertise and experience to not only make a success of Project A, but take the crown from CS:GO, Siege and Apex Legends. We can’t wait for more information.


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