Earlier today on Reddit, Riot’s lead designer, Kerias Mode, confirmed that the original design approach behind Mordekaiser was one of fun and friendship.

“When we first designed him, he’s a tortured soul that just wants to be loved.” She went on to add that, “the entire concept of his pull, originally, was to hug players to death. Ghouls within his armor would burst out and grab players, just so they could love them.”

In the post, Kerias said that Morderkaiser’s original visual design was much different. “He was going to be in a similar vein to Taric. Shining armor, a gentle personality, but with lovable (dangerous) spirits underneath.”

Talking about the lore surrounding Morderkaiser, Kerias finished off by adding that Riot are currently working on such a skin for the Champion, but are reluctant to release it.

“It’s just so flamboyant, and we don’t want to upset Taric fans. We know they’re a vain bunch, who’d hate to be second best.”


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