In a new Legends of Runeterra blog post, Jules Gregg details the technical building blocks behind Legends of Runeterra, and how it came to be.

We’ll forewarn, it’s a technical post filled with complex detail. While Jules has done her very best to simplify the detail, there’s no hiding away from it.

The blog covers the details on what engine LOR runs, its patch system, testing environment as well as prototyping and making the game launcher look and feel unique. It really is a fascinating post, and if you’ve any intention to venture into the industry, and specifically game design.

  • It’s created in Unity.

  • It runs on Windows PC, Android, and iOS.

  • Almost all code – both client and server – is written in C#. C# is a statically-typed language that prioritizes correctness and legibility. Designers are able to use Python to create scripted content such as cards and quests.

  • We use Git and LFS for version control. LFS is important because games contain huge piles of binary data for textures, audio, vendor tools, and so on.


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