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Birthday Fluttercake

 To celebrate our third anniversary, we’ve got a mission for you to complete and earn Birthday Fluttercake! It bugs me just how cute they are.

  • Mission Name: 2-Star Birthday- Play 3 Games of TFT!
  • Reward: Birthday Fluttercake Little Legend


 Large, like our LP gains.

Treasure Dragon

 We’re experimenting with ways to smooth out the awkward transition from one shopping phase (Treasure Dragon) to the next by removing the automatic shop refresh and econ in between Treasure Dragon and the 5-1. This automatic refresh often surprised players more than anything as it defied expectations that every other round of TFT has created. This often led to awkward scenarios of forgetting to lock shop/pick up a unit, or just an awkwardly long timer. This will remove a small amount of extra gold that was generated by this free econ transition.

  • Start of round gold and an automatic shop refresh is no longer triggered at the start of 5-1 (round after Treasure Dragon)
  • Removed the 3 second ‘transition’ phase between Stage 4-7 and Stage 5-1
  • Treasure Dragon content is no longer automatically selected 2 seconds before 4-7’s 60 second round ends

Pace of Combat

 Don’t make a Dragon pun. Don’t make a Dragon pun. Don’t make a Dragon pun.

We’re slightly nerfing many of the frontliners to accelerate the pace of combat in the early and midgame as it’s Drag-oning on too long.


  • Bruiser Health: 200/350/500/800  200/325/450/700
  • Dragon Health: 750  700
  • Guardian max Health percentage shield: 35/50/65%  30/45/65%
  • Mirage, Dawnbringer’s Determination max Health heal percentage: 50/75/75(heal twice)/150(heal twice)  40/70/70(heal twice)/125(heal twice)
  • Shapeshifter Health percentage increase: 50/100/150%  45/90/135%


 We’re shipping a decent sized nerf to our top-performing verticals while buffing some of the less legendary traits.

With Shimmerscale we’re tweaking a few of the best and worst options to make the trait more consistent.

  • Assassin bonus crit Damage: 20/40/60%  15/30/50%
  • Cannoneer Attack Damage scaling on 5th shot: 150/175/225/275%  150/200/250/300%
  • Legend Ability Power Steal: 40%  50%
  • Ragewing Attack Speed: 50/150/250%  50/125/225%
  • Ragewing Omnivamp: 30/50/80%  30/50/70%
  • Shimmerscale exclusive Items granted: 1/2/3/5  1/2/4/5
  • Shimmerscale item, Draven’s Axe Gold per Cash out: 10g  8g
  • Shimmerscale item, Gambler’s Blade chance to proc on attack: 5%  6%
  • Shimmerscale item, Heart of Gold units per gold: 2  3
  • Swiftshot Attack Speed Per Hex: 12/25/40%  10/20/40%

Units: Tier 1

 Many of our Tier 1 units are slightly too strong relative to other tiers, so we’re bringing their power in line with their rarity. This is shown in both our Large and Small change sections.

Tahm Kench’s internal cooldown damage reflection lacked in clarity, so we’ve swapped it to reflect damage based on the next 3 attacks that strike him. This should make him more exciting with Revel. Lastly, Tahm Kench at 3-stars was just a bit too tanky, so we’re pulling back the shield strength on the unbenchable frontliner.

  • Ezreal Mystic Shot Damage: 175/250/350  150/225/300
  • Heimerdinger Mana nerf: 40/80  50/100
  • Heimerdinger Egg TossDamage: 225/300/400  225/325/450
  • Heimerdinger Egg Toss Stun Duration: 1.5/1.75/2 sec  1.5 sec
  • Karma Inner Flame Damage: 225/300/375  200/275/350
  • Karma Inner Flame explosion now centers on the missile’s target rather than slightly in front of the target. This means she’ll more reliably hit all units in a clump.
  • Sett Knuckle Down Attack Damage Ratio: 170%  150%
  • Tahm Kench REWORKED: Tahm Kench now deals damage based on the next 3 attacks that strike him, rather than based on an internal cooldown
  • Tahm Kench has had his tooltip corrected to no longer imply that his bonus damage only occurs while the shield holds. The tooltip now reads: The next 3 enemy attacks he receives during this duration deal magic damage to the attacker.
  • Tahm Kench Thick Skin shield: 250/300/425  250/300/350

Units: Tier 2

  • Shen max Mana nerf: 60/90  75/105
  • Shen Attack Speed: 0.65  0.7

Units: Tier 3

 Diana is already strong, but also has bugs that are impacting her current power level, so we’re shipping a preemptive nerf alongside several bug fixes that are listed here due to their impact on her power level.

We’re subtracting 10 base Attack Damage from Olaf, but by hitting his base stats, we’re substantially hitting him at two and three stars (as starring up a unit amplifies their base stats by 180% and 320% respectively). This is a 18 AD nerf at two stars and a 32 AD nerf at three stars. As a unit that you want to three stars, this seemingly small nerf is quite heavy.

When paired with the Dragonmancer Blessing’s high Health, Lee Sin casts too frequently due to gaining Mana from taking damage. With how impactful his CC is, we had to put our foot down—by putting Lee Sin’s foot down more often, but when he kicks, expect to feel it to hurt.

With our Sylas rework expect this beefy Mage to be slotted in as a better tank with a more reliable shield and a 2 range Mana-Reave on his doublecast.

Volibear is bearly playable as a trait bot right now, so we’re giving him some big buffs for him to take patch 12.12 by storm.

  • Anivia Prismatic Storm Damage: 300/400/600  325/450/700
  • Diana Bugfix: Diana’s shield no longer stacks on itself once all the orbs burst. It now refreshes as intended. Her orbs now properly scale with Ability Power
  • Diana Pale Cascade orb Damage: 100/110/120  80/90/100
  • Illaoi Cosmic Smash Armor & Magic Resist steal: 40%  33%
  • Lee Sin Dragon’s Rage Damage: 275/325/425  300/375/500
  • Lee Sin Mana nerf: 0/70  40/100
  • Olaf Attack Damage: 60  50
  • Sylas REWORKED: Sylas no longer Mana-Reaves on first spell cast nor Shields when casting Petricite Burst on Mana-Reaved targets
  • Sylas NEW: Sylas now shield on first spell cast
  • Sylas NEW: If Sylas already shielded himself, the spell now hits in a larger area (2 hexes) and Mana-Reaves any enemy hit
  • Sylas NEW: Sylas’s shield now stacks
  • Sylas Petricite Burst shield amount: 700/750/800  300/350/400
  • Sylas Petricite Burst Damage: 150/225/350  125/200/300
  • Sylas Mana nerf: 50/100  60/120
  • Ryze Health: 650  600
  • Volibear Attack Speed: 0.7  0.75
  • Volibear Relentless Storm bonus Health on activation: 375/650/1200  550/1000/1800
  • Volibear Relentless Storm 3rd auto bonus magic Damage: 160/175/190  170/180/190

Units: Tier 4

 Talon jumps into the enemy team, hopping from carry to carry like a gymnast who was never told not to run with scissors—except this pair of scissors is the type you get in kindergarten for cutting zig zags. Talon’s Shadow Assault has been bugged, with the ring of blades failing to damage secondary targets, but thanks to the power of Assasin, Talon comps have still been dropping carries like a 90’s kid with a nokia. So alongside the bug fix, we’ve got some preemptive nerfs to make sure the serrated edge of this edgelord doesn’t edge out the rest of the 4-cost carries.

There are lots of Attack Speed carries in Dragonlands (Mirage itself has one in Yone), so we’re changing Daeja into a classic AP carry. She’s also still viable as an Attack Speed carry if desired, but will spend more time casting with the lower Mana pool.

  • Corki Missile Barrage final missile, The Big One, will always explode at the target location instead of flying infinitely
  • Daeja REWORKED: Daeja’s triple missile barrage is now an always-on part of her passive rather than a temporary buff for 10 seconds after she casts
  • Daeja max Mana buff: 90/120  0/100
  • Daeja Attack Speed: 0.8  0.6
  • Daeja Windblast passive on-hit magic Damage: 35/55/200  55/85/300
  • Daeja Windblast passive Magic Resist reduction on attack: 3  5
  • Daeja Windblast wave Damage: 100/175/1000  225/350/1500
  • Daeja Windblast impact timing has been adjusted to better match visuals
  • Talon will no longer cast his spell if no units are in range of his blade ring
  • Talon Bugfix: upon recalling his Shadow Assault blades, damage will correctly be applied to secondary targets they pass through rather than dealing no damage
  • Talon Shadow Assault Blade Ring Attack Damage scaling: 00/100/200%  75/75/200%
  • Total Damage with bugfix: 150/150/400%

Units: Tier 5

 As our big, bad, and rad fire breathing dragon, Shyvana just wasn’t hitting the mark—mostly because she wasn’t hitting her Flame Breath spell. Now she’ll be more satisfying and consistent to play. And please spam our TFT twitter if you get a 3-star Shyvana to add some boast to the roast of your opponents.

  • Shyvana REWORKED: Shyvana is a smarter and even angrier dragon
  • Shyvana Dragon’s Descent Damage upon crash: 250/400/750  100/175/500
  • Shyvana will immediately cast Flame Breath upon transformation
  • Shyvana Flame Breath will follow her with her movement
  • Shyvana will find a new target to burn if there are no current targets in her Flame Breath
  • Shyvana is always Enraged while in Flame Breath
  • Shyvana Flame Breath duration: 1 second  3.5 seconds
  • Shyvana Flame Breath Damage tick rate: 0.25 seconds  0.5 seconds
  • Shyvana Flame Breath damage lingers for at least 3 ticks, up to the max damage amount
  • Shyvana Flame Breath percent max Health Damage: 30/40/200%  45/60/300%
  • Shyvana Mana 0/30 >> 45/75
  • Shyvana at 3-stars is much smarter and way more angry


 With combat being long, units get more auto attacks off then normal. This makes the Attack Damage from Deathblade have much more value.

  • Deathblade Attack Damage: 40/70/100  40/60/80
  • Luminous Deathblade (Radiant Deathblade) Attack Damage: 60/100/140  60/90/120
  • Sunlight Cape (Radiant) Health: 800  600


 Ascending with the Ascension Augment has never been easier in Dragonlands, and while you may think that’s because dragons have wings, it’s actually because combats are longer making this Augment too consistent—but you’re also right, dragons do have wings.

We want Built Different to be a strategy that players embrace for the entire game, figuring out how to navigate their comps to avoid trait activations. Currently we’re seeing players use Built Different to win streak before abandoning the Augment entirely in the lategame.So we’re adding stage scaling, to make winstreaking harder early, but make the Augment much more powerful late game.

While it’s a balanced Augment, True Twos just isn’t exciting, so we’re trying to make it more enticing and impactful for your early game board.

Finally, we’re updating the items granted by Crown and Soul Augments so they feel better to take, especially when you opt for them early in the game.

  • Ascension Tier: Silver  Gold
  • Astral Heart Tier: Gold  Silver
  • Binary Airdrop now additionally grants a random item component
  • Built Different REWORKED: Stats now scale with Stage number from Stages 2 to 5 (Stages 4 to 8 in Hyper Roll)
  • Built Different I: 300 Health and 50% Attack Speed  250/300/350/400 Health and 40/50/60/70% Attack Speed
  • Built Different II: 400 Health and 60% Attack Speed  300/400/500/600 Health and 50/60/70/80% Attack Speed
  • Built Different III: 500 Health and 70% Attack Speed  400/500/600/700 Health and 60/70/80/90% Attack Speed
  • Cannoneer Crown grants a Giant Slayer  Runaan’s Hurricane
  • Jade Soul grants an Ionic Spark  Titan’s Resolve
  • Reckless Spending Damage amplification: 40%  50%
  • Ricochet Cannoneer bounce Damage reduced: 66%  50%
  • Shapeshifter Soul grants a Hand of Justice  Sunfire Cape
  • Titanic Strength Health percentage to Attack Damage: 2%  1.5%
  • Trade Sector+ NEW: Gain a free Shop refresh every round. Gain 5 gold now.
  • Trade Sector+ only appears on 3-2
  • True Twos REWORKED: Gain 1 random 2-star Tier 1 champion and 1 random 2-star Tier 2 champion.
  • Essence Theft Evoker Mana steal: 4  5
  • Meditation Mana for unequipped units: 5/7/10  4/6/8
  • Scorch 5th instance of Ragewing Damage amplification: 40%  33%
  • The Golden Egg base turns to hatch: 10  11
  • Second Wind missing Health heal: 50/75%  40/60%
  • Luden’s Echo I Damage: 70/90/110/130  60/80/100/120
  • Luden’s Echo II Damage: 100/125/150/175  85/110/135/160
  • Luden’s Echo III Damage: 140/180/220/260  120/160/200/240


 Small, like our LP pains.


 Astral 9 has been on the cosmic struggle bus despite the success of several comps that splash the trait. And now that the Astral Emblem is back, you can use it alongside Astral 6 (or 9) to get a near free 3-star as the Augment allows you to roll that unit in your Astral shops. We aren’t letting the Emblem appear on carousels because of its potential power when used correctly.

  • Astral Ability Power: 5/30/60  5/30/70
  • Astral Emblem has been re-enabled but will not appear on carousels
  • Jade tooltip has been updated to further clarify that the buff persists as long as units start combat adjacent to a statue
  • Scalescorn bonus magic Damage: 25/50/80%  20/50/80%
  • Warrior Attack Damage scaling on empowered attack : 120/200/300%  120/200/350%

Units: Tier 1

 Leona couldn’t shield herself from the small durability nerfs that we are shipping as part of accelerating combat pacing.

  • Leona Health: 700  650
  • Nidalee Primal Surge bonus attack speed: 50/55/60%  45/45/45%

Units: Tier 2

 Thresh is now a rodeo star.

  • Nami max Mana nerf: 40/80  50/90
  • Jinx Mana buff: 60/120  50/100
  • Thresh now always selects his hook target before enemy movement begins. This means he can now hook cavaliers that started combat as the farthest unit from Thresh

Units: Tier 3

 Lulu and Nunu walk into a bar. They are promptly asked to leave because they obviously look underage.

  • Lulu Mana: 70/140  75/150
  • Nunu Consume Damage: 350/500/900  350/500/800
  • Swain Draconic Ascension Damage: 70/110/165  75/115/175

Units: Tier 4

 Can’t duck out of these nerfs. Xayah has been overperforming slightly at 2-stars, but at three stars she’s proven to be totally quacked.

  • Xayah Feathers FLY! feathers fired: 2/2/5  2/2/4
  • Xayah Feathers FLY! feather damage: 15/25/75  15/20/50

Units: Tier 5

  • Ao Shin Health: 950  900
  • Aurelion Sol Health: 950  900
  • Yasuo 3rd Cast Attack Damage scaling: 300%  250%
  • Zoe now spawns Daisy at her target’s location rather than her location
  • Zoe Janna Tornado Stun: 1.5  1.25 seconds


  • Cruel Pact can now only appear on 2-1
  • Double Trouble III Attack Damage, Ability Power, Armor, and Magic Resist: 55  50
  • Inspire Attack Speed: 60%  70%
  • Living Forge Orb VFX has been updated to the Ornn item orb
  • Party Time (Revel) Attack Speed upon scoring a takedown: 75%  80%
  • Preparation can no longer appear on 4-2
  • Radiant Relics Armory Choices: 4  5


Double Up

 The time for giving is soon.

  • A UI icon has been added to the round tracker that on mouse-over/tap will inform the player of when Runes of Allegiance will appear during a game of Double Up.

Hyper Roll

 Nomsy has been nomsing a bit too hard.

  • Shimmerscale item, Draven’s Axe Gold per Cash out: 10g  8g (HR: 8g  7g)
  • Shimmerscale item, Heart of Gold units per gold: 2  3 (HR: 1  2)
  • Shimmerscale item, Mogul’s Mail
  • (Hyper Roll Gold at Full Stacks: 4  3)
  • Trainers now have a chance to feed 1 extra Snax for each Snax they would throw, instead of always throwing 2 Snax.


  • Sy’fen has had his tooltip updated fixing issues with phrasing around his scaling and pronouns
  • Brain drain: Ao Shin’s tooltip has been updated to reflect that he “reduces” the enemy’s current Mana rather than “draining” it (he does not gain Mana from this effect)
  • It’s invisible: Aatrox’s weapon no longer disappears when he casts his spell.
  • Eye of the Storm no longer grants post-lightning bonus AP even after Tempest is deactivated
  • Idas pays with gold and credit: Idas now gets credit for her shields in the Shields & Healing chart
  • Astral units should now continue to appear in the Astral shop so long as you still have Astral units that are not 3* (not including Aurelion Sol)
  • The Astral shop counter now persists through Trait deactivation
  • Astral script adjustments to better handle how to determine Orb values based on 3* Astrals in play (this is to prevent bugs that could occur if a player had a Heart or Soul Astral augment).
  • 6 and 9 Astral should now use the correct icon colors
  • Zeke’s Harmony (Radiant Zeke’s Herald) now has the intended 10% omnivamp rather than 0.1%
  • MAKE UP YOUR MIND: Fixed Neeko’s tether consistency. Neeko will always transform to her tethered target rather than sometimes picking another nearby target
  • Rephrased Mirage’s Electric Overload tooltip to clarify that it deals a % of the Mirage unit’s maximum health, not the enemy’s
  • Magor change: Mages can no longer gain mana during their bonus cast, and instead are mana-locked with their standard cast time
  • Updated Nami and Qiyana’s hitboxes to be more accurate for selecting and giving items
  • Nunu & Willump can no longer Consume and kill units that have pending damage immunity effects like Zhonya’s or Diamond Hands. He will still try to Consume them, but will now spit them back out because they are not dead—they were just sleepin’.
  • Fixed an issue allowing Big Friend II from appearing more frequently on 2-1 than intended
  • Where you at: Ancient Archives I and Cursed Crown icons will now appear
  • Fixed a bug where Qiyana would sometimes cast twice
  • Fixed a bug where Corki would sometimes still be locked out of attacking after firing The Big One. Err, we’re pretty sure we fixed this one, but will be watching it closely.
  • Fixed a bug where Neeko would add her copied allies Ability Power to her own rather than just copying their Ability Power
  • Fixed an issue preventing Sylas and Sejuani from casting when equipped with Rapidfire Cannon
  • Lose yourself and: Ryze will now reliably change targets when his primary target dies or goes untargetable through effects like Edge of Night’s stealth and Zhonya’s Paradox’s stasis
  • Healing with feeling: Nami now correctly targets the lowest percent Health ally with her heal rather than the lowest absolute Health ally
  • Hecarim now turns to face his combat target before casting. This prevents situations where Hecarim starts the fight with full Rage and casts in an odd direction
  • Braum’s ripped: Braum’s base critical strike damage is now 130% instead of 150%
  • Fixed an issue allowing Neeko to double-benefit from Infinity Edge in certain scenarios
  • Ancient Archives loot orb color is now Gold instead of Blue
  • Band of Thieves I loot orb color is now Blue instead of Gold
  • Salvage Bin loot orb color is now Blue instead of Gold
  • Banshee’s Claw Bugs
  • Volibear – Ability damage is now correctly blocked by Banshee’s Claw
  • Sy’fen – Banshee’s Claw now properly blocks his knock up
  • Gnar – Ability stun is now correctly blocked by Banshee’s Claw
  • Swain – Fireballs are now correctly blocked by Banshee’s Claw
  • Illaoi – No longer gains stolen resistances if her Ability is blocked by Banshee’s Claw
  • Bard – No longer creates a doot if his Ability does not affect anyone due to Banshee’s Claw
  • Nomsy – Ability is now correctly blocked by Banshee’s Claw
  • Nunu – Ability now still gains damage amp when appropriate through Banshee’s Claw
  • Senna – Magic and physical damage from Ability correctly both correctly stack towards Banshee’s damage cap
  • Lillia – Bonus damage from center area and AOE damage correctly stack towards Banshee’s Claw damage cap
  • Double Up: Eternal Protection Augment can no longer sacrifice your partner’s statues to save your units.
  • Double Up: If you and your partner both have the Penitience Augment you can both trigger the disarm separately if an opponent triggers it for each of you instead of having it only occur once.
  • Double Up: Frozen Heart’s attack speed slow aura will no longer sometimes apply to friendly champions after reinforcing.
  • Hyper Roll: Bard’s tooltip now correctly mentions that Doots count double in Hyper Roll.
  • Mobile Tutorial: Fixed some UI issues.

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