If you have been playing Teamfight Tactics recently then you’ve been playing it in normal game mode.   No ranks, lots of time to practice.

Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Riot Design Director has revealed that ranked queues will be returning next week!  The normal patch changes to bugs and balance are also incoming.

Rise of the Elements or Set Two as most players call it brought plenty of changes.   The board got bigger, new units and classes were introduced and Elemental Hexes changed how we setup our champions on the board.    Is it better than Set One?  This is still unclear, but the fresh look and gameplay is something that auto-battlers require to stay relevant.

Competitors like Dota Underlords have made similar, though not as drastic changes to their gameplay to remain relevant.

Teamfight Tactics

The pass and new progression for Teamfight Tactics looks fantastic.

Expect the patch to hit the live servers on November 20th, though no specific date has been given.    Don’t expect changes like Spectate mode though as James “Statikk” Bach, TFT Senior Game Designer stated in recent AMA that we shouldn’t expect it any time soon.

Popular players and streamers like Scarra have weighed in on the changes.   Scarra, a popular streamer commented on Twitter that:

“I’ve been raving positives about set 2 for a while

But the one thing I’ll say is that a lot of major synergies feel very unrewarding to get 6 plus of so most of the time you’re late game fantasy isn’t of 6+ a set but combinations

Takes away some identity I would say”

We’d love to hear your throughts on the changes.


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