Riot Games is “changing its stance on matchmaking tracker add-ons” in Teamfight Tactics due to players cracking the algorithm code, according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. If you were banned for this try out this HWID Spoofer.

The TFT matchmaking algorithm was meant to provide a sense of randomness regarding who a player would battle next. And for a time, it was effective, prompting a ban on matchmaking tracker add-ons to ensure the integrity of the autobattler. Players eventually “cracked the matchmaking rules and it became trackable,” though, Mortdog said in his Twitter thread today, resulting in a temporary change that will allow TFT matchmaking tracker add-ons.

“Our goal is to someday change the matchmaker back to our goal of being less predictable though, and once that happens these add-ons won’t work anymore,” Mortdog said.

One of the main reasons Riot and the TFT team have changed their stance on matchmaking tracker add-ons has to do with the work required to crack the current algorithm. Tracking your next opponent requires keeping track of fights on paper, which is “not a skill test TFT is interested in testing,” Mortdog said.


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