We knew that TFT was coming to mobile, but we didn’t quite know when. It turns out, pretty bloody soon. For a handful of countries around the world, the closed Beta test is about to commence.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be testing the mobile version as a closed beta in a handful of countries around the world. If you see a friend, family member, or dog playing TFT on their phones, do not be alarmed: They’re probably in one of the test countries. The beta will expand a little bit over the coming weeks. However, as we mentioned at the start of the yearwe’re still aiming to get the first big group of folks mobile access for the first time in March. The details on that launch will come later.

What’s interesting about what the TFT team are doing, is trying to keep the entire experience the same, across PC or mobile. Not only that, but it looks like heavy consideration has been given to the UI, control method, and overall feel of the mobile version: this isn’t just a cheap port. Besides that, everything else is pretty much the same.


Will I be able to buy stuff?

While we will not initially be launching with a store in the client, one of our top priorities is making it so that you can engage with all the content TFT has to offer. The store will follow in an update after the launch.

Will my inventory of Little Legends cross over?

We built TFT Mobile with existing players in mind. In most regions, if you log in using the same account as on PC, all of your Little Legends, Arena Skins, and other content will carry over. Similarly, anything you earn on TFT Mobile will show up if you choose to play on PC.This will not include China or Southeast Asia.

What kinds of phones can I play on?

We’re aiming to bring TFT to as many devices as possible. This might vary region to region, but typically you’ll find that iPhones 6S or later are supported on the Apple side, while Android fans can expect phones running OS5+ and 2GB of RAM and above to work well. While we tried super duper hard to make Razrs and Sidekicks function, it was just a nonstarter.

Can I play on Tablet?

Not at launch, but Soon™. We want the tablet experience to be awesome, but it needs some more time in the oven if we want it to have that great Riot taste.


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