The Best Esports Teams to Bet on in 2022

Open for yourself one more great option for a highly-profitable betting with the opportunity to make the whole process even more amusing. Esports betting has become increasingly popular only in the last few years and today for such events sportsbooks are offering wide betting lines and high odds. But before starting betting on Esports events it’s important not just to learn all about main esports tournaments, but also to become an expert in the rules and terminology of the chosen discipline. Remember that in the Esports betting line there will be many specific markets and without that knowledge, you will have no chance to make a winning bet. So to not lose all your money start with quality preparation and choose the discipline right. On this page below you will find some information about the most popular disciplines among Esport betting fans.

CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

This is for sure the most popular Esports discipline known by everyone, even those who have no experience with this video game. The CS: GO is a first-person shooter with two teams – the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. The game was released in 2012 and today is the NO.1 eSports discipline with a large professional scene and international tournaments.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a game that will be interesting for every sports betting fan because of the wide betting line and high odds. Also, it’s one of the best disciplines to bet with cryptocurrency now. The gameplay of Dota 2 is enthralling and the game is based on one of the first Warcraft III versions. There are two teams taking part in this game — Radiant and Dire, with the main goal to destroy the opposing team’s history.

Rainbow Six (Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege)

Rainbow Six (Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege) is one of the games that will be interesting for tactical shooter fans. Here you will see two teams — Attackers and Defenders, which will pit against each other. The main goal here is to plan or defuse a bomb. Each championship of the Rainbow Six is brought much attention, so sportsbooks often offer a great choice of the main and additional markets.

Starcraft 2 (StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty)

Starcraft 2 (StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty) is one more popular choice of the Esport betting fans. It can be categorized as a military science fiction real-time strategy game with the Terrans, the Zerg, and Protoss. Each team here will fight for dominance, which was also written about in the latest article.

How can you get the most out of an eSports betting experience?

Esports betting can be the best choice and not only for the league of legends fans. You can choose any discipline from this page or find another to start betting and get your first real profit. Learn more about the chosen discipline, esports teams, and tournament rules to increase your chances of winning bets. Also, use the opportunity to bet on Esports events in LIVE to catch the highest odds and enjoy the game of your favorite team.

Final Thoughts

So as you can see there are plenty of great options available for profitable Esports betting. So don’t waste your time and make the first bets on the Esports legends or the new teams with great chances of winning. Remember that with quality preparation Esports bets can be profitable for you so don’t lose that chance. Choose the game from the TOP 5 and read this tips to make the whole betting process really simple.


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