Thresh Build Guide: Thresh is my favorite Support and one that’s both challenging to play, and incredibly potent. His kit looks similar to many Supports, but it differs a great deal. While he has a pull, and knockback, as well as the opportunity to shield others, he plays drastically different.

What’s so potent about Thresh is his ability to drag opponents when hooked, before leaping at them and then knocking them in a direction of his choosing. Combined with his Ultimate, and his shield (which acts as a teleport, and a means of dragging allies into a fight), there’s little wonder he’s top tier.

Thresh takes a patient, skilled player, but there’s no mistaking that in the right hands, he’s a monster to deal with.


Thresh Build Guide


  • Aftershock provides a delayed AoE explosion around Thresh after he immobilizes an opponent. It triggers on your pull, and – ideally – you want to be pulling yourself into the enemy the moment it explodes. It’s a significant amount of burst on a squishy ADC.
  • Font of Life marks enemies that Thresh immobilizes. The result? Extra sustain for you, your carry, and anyone else wailing on your target.
  • Bone Plating is typically the go-to for Thresh, because it provides guaranteed mitigation for him upon receiving damage. The mitigation isn’t huge, but it does ensure basics have their potency neutered during early game. 
  • Overgrowth, when Thresh lanes for lengthy periods, provides massive amounts of bonus health. Every time a minion dies, he gains a small increase to his health pool. The result? He’s even tankier, it pairs with his Passive, and makes him hard to bring down.


  • Magical Footwear is great for our Thresh Build Guide, because he needs the mobility, and it saves him purchasing a default pair of boots. Support gold gain isn’t amazing, so it’s a win-win scenario.
  • Biscuit Delivery purely for the fact it increases your mana, gives you lane sustain, and stops you having to back early. Your pull is mana intensive if you keep using it. This offsets that early game.


Top Lane

Thresh Build Guide

Ignite is fairly mandatory on any Support. It neutralises healing, adds extra damage for you and your carry, is capable of snagging that just-out-of-reach kill, and provides a little more pressure in a team fight. 

Fiora Build GuideFlash is mandatory in this Thresh Build Guide. Without a long distance leap, you need it to not only avoid and gank reliably, but also dive to finish off enemies. Not having Flash will pretty much limit any potential you have throughout the duration of a match.

Ability Order

Thresh Build Guide

  • Maximize Death Sentence (Q) as quickly as possible, BUT, only begin to once you’ve bought Flay (see below). You need Death Sentence ramped up quickly to lower the cooldown on your pull.
  • Buy Flay first (E) but only upgrade it after Death Sentence is maximized. Taking an early Flay provides extra damage, clear and pressure on your opposition.
  • Grab Dark Passage (W) third, but upgrade it last. 
  • Upgrade your The Box (R) whenever you can. It significantly increases the damage potential, and reduces its cooldown.


Starting Items

  • Steel Shoulderguards
  • Health Potion
  • Ward

First Back

  • Kindle Gem
  • Glacial Shroud
  • Boots of Speed

Final Build 

  • Steel Shoulderguards (Upgraded to Pauldrons of Whiterock)
  • Zeke’s Convergence
  • Knight’s Vow
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate
  • Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Oracle Lens


Thresh Build GuideJanna is annoying to face on the basis that she has plenty of disruption, survivability and utility. She’s tough to pin down, and her ability to control the flow of a fight can seriously hurt your pull > dive > cage potency. 

Thresh Build GuideMorgana is a huge threat to Thresh, simply because she can shield herself or an ally to deny his hook. There’s nothing he can do about it, and as a result, it completely neuters any potential he has to punish out of position carries.

SivirSivir is similar to Morgana, in the sense that she can shield herself to deny Thresh’s pull. The pair combined pretty much negate any potency he has, while Sivir also has mobility and high poke. She’s a tough opponent for Thresh to pin down and trap.

XayahXayah is potent purely because of her feathers and i-frame on her Ultimate. When you do push her, with a view to pulling, she can evade and punish you fairly easily. She’s not as potent at avoiding Thresh as Sivir, but definitely annoying.

ZyraZyra is just incredibly oppressive. Massive poke, lots of adds with her plants, control and a root make her seriously potent. She also deals massive damage, and can comfortably disrupt your Ultimate with her own. Definitely one to watch, and ban if you can. 

Tips & Tricks

  1. In this Thresh Build Guide, positioning is key to Thresh as his pull does not bypass minions. Flank to the left and right of a wave to look for a pick.
  2. Don’t waste your pull. Its cooldown is long, and it’s mana intensive. 
  3. Ideally, always pull the ADC. Once you’ve grabbed them, don’t immediately leap at them. Walk Thresh backwards to drag them, before triggering the leap. 
  4. Always try to grab enemies when your Flay is fully charged. It adds a significant amount of damage. 
  5. Flay provides a slight knockback, and knockup. It’s amazing for disrupting Ultimate abilities (such as Mystic Fortune’s). Save it for those pinch moments. 
  6. When you do dive an opponent who’s been hooked, flip your Flay so that it pushes them away from where they want to run to. This’ll buy you extra time to punish them. 
  7. Ideally, drop your Ultimate around multiple opponents, and similarly to above, use your Flay to push them into the walls, away from the direction they’re going. It’ll apply the huge slow, and damage. 
  8. You can use your Dark Passage to pull allies to you. If they’re out of range, you can quickly bring them into a fight. 
  9. A strong aggressive combo with Thresh is Flash > Death Sentence > Trigger The Pull > Ignite > The Box > Flay. It can pretty much guarantee a kill instantly.  
  10. Use The Box a little early to take account of the fact you need to deliver it, and be able to Flay and walk out alive. Don’t be afraid to also use it just to zone enemies away from your Tower or Inhibitor. 
  11. Dark Passage can be used to pickup Souls if you’re being zoned by opponents.
  12. Try to stay in lane as much as possible to maximize your Soul gain. Ideally, by end-game, you want to be up to at least 120. 

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