VALORANT Tier List. This Tier List will always display the best Agents, based on the latest patch. VALORANT will be free to play in the Summer 2020.

New Agents are set to regularly be added to the roster in order to keep the meta fresh. Here we’ll decide which are the best VALORANT Agents. It’lll be based almost entirely on competitive play, at the highest level. Consideration will be given to Agents who can help carry teams at any ELO.

As always, if you’d like to provide feedback on this list, do so in the comments or drop us a line over on our Contact page.

Updated: 28 July 2020

  • God Tier
  • S Tier (Optimal)
  • A Tier (Great)
  • B Tier (Good)
  • C Tier (Niche)

VALORANT Tier List Methodology

This list is based on:

  • Personal experience and feedback taken from multiple players, across multiple skill-sets.
  • Based on a Agents overall utility and viability throughout the course of a match.
  • The synergy of an Agent and how it plays alongside others.
  • The anticipated meta, based on already popular synergy (at present, it’s all about vision).

VALORANT Agent Tier List

VALORANT Tier List Movement

  • Added Killjoy to A Tier. A solid, somewhat frustrating addition to VALORANT with a potent, flexible (fun!) kit.

God Tier (Overpowered)

No Agents are considered Overpowered.

S Tier (Optimal)

VALORANT Agent Tier List

Breach was a common draft during the recent VALORANT tournaments. He was largely considered strong due to the fact his abilities pass through walls, including his ability. The opportunity to bunker-bust, without line of sight – resulting in a knock-up and daze – coupled with the rest of his terrain-bypassing kit, made him a top-tier Agent. Straight to the top, as our of the best VALORANT Agents.

Cypher has a kit that’s fairly static, which works well with a slow playstyle. Riot’s Aproxity showcased his abilities exceptionally well over the opening weekend and he pairs very well with Sova. As we’ve come to know, vision is king in VALORANT, and his opportunities to be the eyes and ears of a match, makes him invaluable. His Spy Cam, combined with his trip-wires, can seriously hinder opponents and give his team a massive edge.

Sage was, similarly to Jett, not overly used during the first Beta weekend. Dizzy had some fantastic use out of her Ice Wall, while her Resurrect came in handy multiple times. She’s far less aggressive than Phoenix or Breach, but performs exceptionally well. The sustain she gives her team, and her ability to bring downed teammates back to life, will always be incredible. If you combine this with her ice field, that’s exceptional for zoning and buying time, there’s little wonder she’s considered top-tier.

A Tier (Great)

Killjoy’s a fairly static Champion that’s entirely focused on locking down and area and securing it. Her value on attack is weaker than her defence (obviously) but that doesn’t significantly harm her potency. Her Turret is a nuisance, but her Ultimate and Alarmbot are particularly potent and can frustrate quickly.

Omen’s ability to travel anywhere on the map is pretty special, and while it wasn’t used extensively over the first closed Beta, there’s no mistaking its potency when it comes to flanking. Combined with his vision denial, he’s a potent mix of utility and mobility that can pressure teams attempting to bunker. A great pick in our VALORANT Tier List.

VALORANT Agent Tier ListPhoenix was a staple amongst most CS, and CS:GO players. Largely as a result of a kit that’s familiar (grenade, flashbang) his Ultimate ability, and having the opportunity for what’s effectively a second life, can see him play aggressively, open up a route to his team, before returning to where he was. If you also factor in his self-sustain, there’s no wonder he’s climbing for the top spots.

VALORANT Agent Tier ListRaze is an Agent with incredible potency. Shes already seen significant play, and her kit packs a punch. She’s brilliant at disrupting bunkering players, and her Boom Bot is great for scouting and poke. Her Cluster Grenade is incredible at pressuring a wide area. Her Satchel is perhaps the weakest aspect of her kit, though the rest of it – including her Ultimate – carries her.


Reyna is a solid pick, and one that can snowball hard. Her functionality revolves largely around how good you are. If you’re popping off? She’ll excel. If you aren’t, well, she won’t. A feast or famine Agent that relies very much on early kills.

B Tier (Good)

Brimstone was incredibly popular amongst streamers, with the likes of Timthetatman “maining” him most of the time. A kit that’s brimming with utility, he needs a little preparation and his smoke is designed more to aid his team, rather than punish like Jett, but he still brings invaluable support. His Ultimate has a fairly obvious wind-up time, but if nothing else it’s great for zoning.

Sova is a contentious Agent in our VALORANT Tier List, especially from those who have moved to the game from CS:GO. Wall hacking is a big no-no, so giving an Agent the ability to literally do it in game has received a mixed reception. Despite Sova having the ability to do this, there is clear counter-play to him. Even so, that doesn’t trivialise his value, or that vision is king.1

C Tier (Niche)

Jett has had mixed results over her time in the game. Perhaps less popular than anticipated, but with some cracking play making. Her Ultimate in the hands of a player with pinpoint aim is great. That said, her Ultimate and her vertical movement speed isn’t always hard to track, especially with Cypher. She’s fairly easy to gun down midair due to her trajectory being forgiving to track. Despite that, has high potency in the right hands, and her vision denial is solid on an aggressive push. A niche Agent in our VALORANT Tier List.

Viper is the queen of clutch, but this only extends to her Ultimate. Without it, the argument is: what is she offering besides some zoning potency? Her grenade is easy to avoid and only deals light damage over time. Both her forms of smoke grenade are incredibly similar to what Phoenix or Omen can do. The only difference is, they bring much more than she does. The argument, then, is why take Viper? She’s my main – I love her. But I’m acutely aware that outside of her Ultimate, she falls far short compared to everyone else.

Have a suggestion for our VALORANT Tier List? Disagree with Agent placement? Let us know.


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5 months ago

Sage is vital for her slows and heals. I think Sova is only a B at most currently because of the prevalence of smokes and ease of counterplay. Cypher I agree is great on a triple sight, as he can solo hold effectively to buy time for the rotate so while the guide isn’t bad it’s too frag focused and doesn’t see very step for example if Sova shoots an arrow at most it gets one pulse off, if he knows we are there no info is gained if he didn’t k ow it was almost a waste of an… Read more »

5 months ago
Reply to  Will

Also as my play continued I realised the immense value of safely smoking and vipers skill ceiling because she can basically remove sova later in the game as his recon arrow fails to scan past smokes

4 months ago

About Raze “c4” i think its good for mobility to for example use her rocket from the air or to kill low health agents its pretty usefull for me

4 months ago
Reply to  blazeraw110


4 months ago
Reply to  blazeraw110

sorry for the yeah xD i wanted to tell that i forgot to say that its only for me to use the rocket, i think that with the wapons, you dont have much time to use it.

4 months ago

I thing raze is not that good, her abilities can provide lots of pressure but she has no utility for her team. Her boombot is inconsistent, and her cluster grenade can get a kill but it will give away your position and enemies can follow up on you.

Mister Violence
Mister Violence
2 months ago

I think Breach is just an A Tier due his wall breaching abilitys he needs backup with fast movement. on solo hes nearly usless. His ult is great but everyone who has played CS:GO at least to GNM now how to aim eben with scatteret sight. His C ability has a long activate time due nearly every enemy can dodge it.

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