VALORANT: Brimstone Guide. Similarly to Cypher, Brimstone is underwraps at the moment. That said, we know his kit, and early reports describe him as a potent Agent, that’s incredible when assaulting a set location. If that wasn’t good enough, he’s sporting a pretty awesome beard and beret.

Brimstone’s orbital arsenal ensures his squad always has the advantage. His ability to deliver utility precisely and safely make him the unmatched boots-on-the-ground commander.


  • Massive AOE potency
  • Great at pushing on a team that’s bunkering
  • Stim Beacon is terrifying to fight against
  • Orbital Strike can wipe a team that’s playing too close together
  • Sky Smoke is fantastic at denying sight to enemies, when you’re on the way to your team


  • Sky Smoke and Orbital Strike both need map interaction and have a wind-up time
  • No real means of defending himself, besides through aggressive play
  • His fire field can be easily avoided
  • Lacks raw utility compared to Cypher and Sova


Brimstone pummels enemies from afar, with as much damage as possible. Between that time, he’s bombarding them with smoke to buy him and his team time. Pretty much his entire kit revolves around damage, or improving it for his team.

  • Incindiary – Launch an incendiary grenade that deploys a damaging field of fire.
  • Stim Beacon – Target a nearby location to call in a Stim Beacon, giving all players near it Rapidfire.
  • Signature Ability: Sky Smoke – Use your map to call in orbital deployment smokescreens that obscure vision. Click to set the locations, and confirm to launch.
  • Ultimate: Orbital Strike – Use your map to target a location, launching a devastating orbital strike that pulses for high damage over several seconds.


There’s currently no gameplay available for Brimstone that we’re allowed to publish.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Factor in that Brimstone’s Signature and Ultimate both need cast times to impact on an area. Their effects are staggered.
  2. Sky Smoke isn’t particularly useful for escaping or re-positioning. It takes too long to launch and arrive. Use it when you’re pushing into an area to give your team a clear run.
  3. Incindiary grenade offers a decent radius of burning. Use it to pressure enemies who’re around corners, or hunkered down.
  4. Stim Beacon can be used in a pinch, and will turn any fight if you’re going toe-to-toe. Ideally, use it

Have a tip or trick you’d like to add to our VALORANT: Brimstone Guide? Let us know and we’ll update them here!


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